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Metroid Dread heads to Tetris 99 with the next Grand Prix event

Unlock a Metroid Dread theme in the latest Tetris 99 event

A game of Tetris 99 is shown, with the background, Tetriminos, and general layout, all based on Metroid Dread. Samus Aran and an E.M.M.I. are visible behind the action

Tetris 99 is returning for another Grand Prix, this time offering a theme based upon the action-adventure title Metroid Dread. You can take part in the Grand Prix this weekend, from Friday, October 29, to Tuesday, November 2. Check out the announcement Tweet for the exact times in your location.

You simply need to earn points as you play Tetris 99 to unlock a new theme, with a better score achieving you more points. If you snag the coveted Tetris Maximus, you earn 100 points, enough to unlock the theme. For the rest of us who aren’t Tetris wizards, you earn points no matter where you finish, it might just take a while longer to unlock.

If you’re a huge Metroid fan who wants to dive into Tetris 99, you can unlock the title by signing up to Nintendo Switch Online. The service also added the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pak today, so if you’re happy to pay extra you can unlock a library of N64 and Mega Drive games to play. You also get access to the new Animal Crossing DLC with the Expansion Pass, so if that all sounds up your alley, it’s great value for money.

Check out the announcement below to see how the Metroid Dread theme looks and sounds.

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