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Our giveaway for The Almost Gone has now ended

Check your inbox to see if you're a winner!

October 1, 2020 Our giveaway for The Almost Gone has now ended, and the winners have been contacted via email. Check your inbox to see if it was you!

Who doesn’t love a good mobile mystery? Whether it’s inspecting intricate objects in The Room, or exploring a whole planet in Krystopia: Nova’s Journey, mobile is specially equipped to offer little mysteries to dip in and out of. That’s why we decided to partner with Playdigious and give away some Android and iOS copies of The Almost Gone. This mystery-adventure game is a little like if Monument Valley collided with Gone Home – a mobile mystery game where you uncover secrets by moving between rooms, and inspecting them for clues.

But each room or scene in The Almost Gone is a beautiful 3D diorama, that you can move, and tap to highlight objects of importance. If you hadn’t guessed, we absolutely love 3D dioramas on mobile, whether its Bad North, Monument Valley, or Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows, and The Almost Gone is no exception. We’d honestly play this game just for how aesthetically pleasing it is.

But luckily it also has a pretty captivating mystery, as you unlock each scene like a little puzzle box. If this sounds like your kind of game, be sure to enter for a copy below!


Sadly, this giveaway has now ended. If you’d still like to play The Almost Gone, you can purchase it on Google Play or the App Store. For more similar recommendations, our list of the best mobile puzzle games will help.