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Psych-rock platformer The Artful Escape coming to Switch

Ready to rock out in a neon-charged space opera while on the bus? Well you won’t have to wait long, with The Artful Escape’s release date announced for Switch

Francis Vendetti and his guitar, the protagonist coming to Nintendo Switch on The Artful Escape release date

The Nintendo Switch has become a lovely home for some of the best indie games on the market. Last year, however, Xbox had console exclusivity for one of the best indie games of 2021. Luckily for Switch owners, that’s all changing at the end of this month, as The Artful Escape joins that long list of indie hits.

Developed by the excellently-named Beethoven & Dinosaur, The Artful Escape takes you on a psychedelic journey with Francis Vendetti, a low-key folk musician with big-time rock ‘n’ roll aspirations. It’s a zany but heartfelt adventure, and another indie darling for the Switch library.

It’s also published by Annapurna Interactive, a name that’s tied to some of the best indie hits of recent years. We’ve got a list of the best indie games on Switch from last year, and when we do one for 2022, it’s likely we’ll see some Annapurna games on there, maybe even this one. But first, the game needs to come out, so when is The Artful Escape’s release date?

When is The Artful Escape release date?

The Artful Escape is right around the corner, with a release date set for January 25 this year. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long for this bright, neon-infused whirlwind.

Is there an Artful Escape trailer?

Of course there is! And it captures all the psychedelic magic that lies within. It also features some pretty high-praise from several media outlets, letting you know what sort of treat you’re in for.

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So, there’s not long to wait until The Artful Escape’s release date. Still, if you need some musical magic right this minute, you can find plenty in our best Switch rhythm games list.