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An enhanced version of Breath of the Wild might be on the cards

The Switch 2 might launch with a new version of Breath of the Wild, marking a second console release with one of Nintendo’s best games ever.

BOTW enhanced version - Link riding the Mastercycle Zero from BOTW's DLC

Allegedly – get ready to read that word a lot – a new and enhanced version of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is set to release on the next Nintendo console. Whether this is the Switch 2, or the Switch Attach, or something completely different, we can’t say just yet, but we do know it’s coming.

Leaker Midori, known for digging up info on Sega and Atlus titles, states that “there is a project at Nintendo with the codename U-King-O”. But, what does that mean, and why should we care? Well. U-King was Breath of the Wild’s code name before its release – remember, it was a Wii U release title, too, which is likely where the U is from.

Given that this name has an O at the end, and Switch games tend to have an S, we can deduce that it’s probably, possibly, for the Nintendo Switch 2. Now, information is thin, but general consensus is that this would be an enhanced version of the game, possibly including all the DLC on the cartridge.

This ties into a report last year by Eurogamer that Nintendo demoed the Switch 2, the Switch U perhaps, at Gamescom. Obviously, anything that did happen is under strict contract and no one can say anything, but apparently, the upgraded Breath of the Wild was there. According to the report, the game was just a tech demo, but now it seems like we might actually get a release of it after all.

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While this is all completely up in the air, I think I’d quite like a bigger and better-looking version of Breath of the Wild. There’s nothing wrong with the game on Switch, but imagine it in higher definition. And, while I agree with our 10/10 Tears of the Kingdom review, it didn’t quite grab me as much as the first foray into Hyrule on Switch.

So, would you buy an enhanced Breath of the Wild? I sure would. We all know that Nintendo loves to re-release Zelda games on its consoles, so it could be true. In the meantime, if you want some lore, here’s all the Zelda game in order, and what each timeline means.