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The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list

We’ve put together a The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list so you can pick out the best character to go around bashing zombie heads in with

Key art of Negan with his baseball bat, one of the strongest characters in our The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list

If you want to make it anywhere in the popular zombie survival game based on AMC’s hit series, you’re going to need a The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list. If you’ve seen the show, you know most of these undead busters can pack a punch, but when it comes to playing as a character, there’s a big difference between nasty Negan, the might of Morgan, and sweet, sweet Carl (or Coral, for those that know him better).

So, we’ve put together this The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list to help you decide on which of the defenders against the army of the undead you think most suits your playstyle. If you’re not sure which that might be, we’ve got a section explaining those at the top of our TWD All-Star tier list to give you a little bit of context before you take to splattering skulls.

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The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list

We’ve checked out all the undead hunters available for our The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list, but of course, new characters may well arrive in the game, so be sure to bookmark this page for all the latest rankings. 

Tier The Walking Dead All-Stars character
S Ezekiel & Shiva, Negan, Glenn, Tyreese, Kate
A Michonne, Andrew, Shane, Sophia, Andrea, Chloe, Lake, Eugene, Abraham, Chemist, Beta, Dwight, Sherry 
B Jesus, Eva, Princess, Gabriel, Rosita, Magna, Denise, Sebastian, Gideon, Laura
C Leader Rick, Rick Grimes, Dante, Tylor, George, R, Axel, Governor, Alpha, Rania, Laura
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The Walking Dead All-Stars S tier explained

If you’re wondering how to play one of the S-tier characters from our The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list, you’re in luck. We’ve broken down some handy details below. 

Ezekiel & Shiva – one of the standout characters (or pair of characters) across all TWD All-Stars, is Ezekial & Shiva. With a speed-boosting effect, the ability to tank hits with relative ease, and some handy crowd-control attacks, there’s no better character for beginners or returning players. 

Negan – you might not like him much, but Negan is worth using in TWD All-Stars for his passive energy recovery and his ability to pull enemies in for attacks. The bigger the team, the better Negan works. 

Glenn – the buff and nerf king of The Walking Dead All-Stars, Glenn is a fantastic team player with his skills in healing and buffing teammates while nerfing opponents’ abilities. For control of the field, there are few better than Glenn. 

Tyreese – Tyreese is the most reliable tank in the game, able to withstand attacks that would be fatal to any other character. 

Kate – Kate is the most intricate of the S-tier TWD All-Stars characters as her ability might not seem that potent, but if you synergise her energy attacks with a carry character like Andrea, there’s some serious damage to be done to the enemy team. 

There you have it. Hopefully, our The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list helps to make your time in the zombie wastelands of post-apocalyptic U.S.A a little bit more bearable. Or, if you’d rather face a devil than the undead, check out our picks for the best games like Diablo on Switch.