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Tie N Dye guide: tips, tricks and cheats

Dye hard with our Tie N Dye game guide

Lots of people say that tie-dye isn’t fashionable anymore, but honestly, we think it’s making a comeback. Tie-dye games are all over the App Store at the moment, so we decided to create a Tie N Dye game guide to give you all the best tips in creating colourful combos. These games are simple, but there’s something satisfying about successfully matching the design you’ve been set, or just free-styling and creating your own – even if it does mean you score a little less cash.

Tie-dye is about creativity, after all, and what’s more creative than producing your own designs. Tie N Dye is a simple little game that gives you a setup for making tie-dye clothing and has you create the designs for clients. But sometimes those designs are challenging, and it’s difficult to see how you get from a blank piece of clothing to the end product.

But with our Tie N Dye game guide we have all the advice you need to become an expert purveyor of swirly colourful clothing.

here’s everything in our tie n dye guide:

tie n dye tips and tricks: how to best play tie n dye

The main objective of this game is to create colourful designs. Here are the best tips and tricks to help you play Tie N Dye:

  • As few dips as possible: in Tie N Dye your goal is to create the design in front of you, but while dipping increases the money you get, dipping an unnecessary amount of times reduces it again, meaning you get paid less
  • Think about layers: Tie-die is all about layers of colour, so start with the colour that has the smallest area on the clothing, and work your way back to the biggest
  • Consider movement: how you move the product through the dye is often the key to creating certain designs, such as circular patterns, so consider the different ways you can dip the clothing before you do
  • Take tips: the tips are there for a reason, and if you get stuck they are definitely worth using to give yourself a little leg up in the game


Another important goal of the game is to make cash, so here are some tips on how to make money in Tie N Dye:

  • Follow the design: it’s fun to be creative, but it’s going to impact how much cash you get. If you stick to the customer’s design, and make as few dips as possible, you get more money
  • Use celebrity offers: these offers sometimes appear after you complete a product, but they are definitely worth using if you want to get more cash from what you’ve just created
  • Do well in dip challenges: these challenges are tough, but you can make good money in them if you focus on making as few dips as is possible

tie n dye dip challenge: how to make money

This mode is all about creating as many products as possible in the number of dips you get allotted. Here are some tips to make money in dip challenges:

  • Count your dips: it’s useful to work out how many dips you have left in comparison to how many products you have left to make. This allows you to determine how many dips you can use per product
  • Think about it: it’s tempting to just dip first and think later, but Tie N Dye is a puzzle game, and like any puzzle game, it’s better to think before rushing in
  • Plan your product: once you know how many dips you have per product, you can plan each stage, working out how many dips you need for each colour, and the order in which you need to dip to layer them correctly

tie n dye hints: how to get help

Sometimes you need a little advice on completing designs, so here’s how to get help in Tie N Dye:

  • Hints pop up occasionally when you are designing a product, and if you don’t mind watching an ad, they give you the info you need to complete the design. If you’re really stuck, and want help, this is worth considering.

And those are all the Tie N Dye tips we have! If you also want to get involved, you can download Tie N Dye on the App Store. If you want a brain teaser, but don’t like colourful clothing, be sure to check out our list of the best mobile puzzle games.