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Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Everything you need to get started in our definitive Tom Clancy's Elite Squad guide

Our Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad guide will get you off to a fighting start in the latest gacha RPG. This offering by Ubisoft brings together your favourite characters from Tom Clancy’s Ubisoft portfolio, including Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, and The Division. It also provides a variation to the usual gacha gameplay by allowing you to call the shots in battle via a variety of helpful skills.

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through the basics of the game, including the various ways you can download it, the online features, and some more general tips and tricks to help you master it. It’s a perfect companion piece to our Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad tier list, which ranks all of the characters in each class and helps you reroll in case you don’t get the hero you want.

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Here’s what’s in our Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad guide:

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Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad trailer: check out how it plays

If you’re unsure whether or not you’d like to play Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, we recommend checking out the official trailer. We’ve included a link above for those interested in checking it out.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad download: how to get it on iOS and Android

You can grab Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad on iOS via the App Store and Android via Google Play.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad APK: How to bypass the Android app stores

If you’d like to avoid the official download for whatever reason, you can grab the Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad APK from our trusted source, APKPure.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad PC: How to play on the big screen

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is available day one on PC via our favourite Android emulator, BlueStacks. You can find many more great Android games on PC in our definitive list, too.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad online: Can I play with friends?

As in many gacha RPGs, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad features online multiplayer. You can participate against others in the PvP arena or team up with your friends to join a guild and participate in guild wars.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad tips, tricks, and cheats

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s take a look at a few more specific tips, tricks, and cheats:

  • Do your dailies: if you’re serious about competing in the big leagues in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, we thoroughly recommend doing your daily quests every single day. It will provide you with much of what you need to progress without having to spend
  • Create a balanced team: when building your battle team, ensure it’s balanced, with at least one defender, attacker, and specialist. That way you’ll be ready to face whatever the game throws at you
  • Use your abilities off-cooldown: you gain no advantage by saving your abilities, and stand to gain a lot by using them immediately off-cooldown. You do want to take a more active role in combat than a typical gacha RPG
  • Keep your best characters at max level: our last tip, is to keep your best characters at max level so they are always operating at peak performance