How to play Android games on PC

We explain how to play Android games on PC via BlueStacks and answer a bunch of FAQs

September 24, 2020 We’ve tided up our Android games on PC guide.

BlueStacks provides an easy and safe method to play a bunch of Android games on PC from the comfort of your desk, along with a bevvy of enhancements that make them play better. That includes mouse and keyboard support, faster framerates, and the ability to play many instances of a game at once. That makes re-rolling in Gachas an absolute breeze.

But which Android games on PC should you play, we hear you ask? Well, that does slightly depend on the type of mobile games you like to play. Many of the biggest games are available on BlueStacks, so you could just stick to those. However, if you’re looking for a bunch of new BlueStacks games to play, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re going to recommend our favourite BlueStacks games below, in a variety of different genres, and answer a bunch of FAQs to help you make the most of your time playing the Android games on PC with this emulator. If you’re looking for the best mobile games of all time, check out our best Android games and best iOS games for more recommendations.

Play these Android games on PC:

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World War Rising

Containing weaponry and equipment from WW1 and WW2, World War Rising is a social strategy game that challenges you to destroy your opponents.

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King of Avalon

What happened to King Arthur following his death? He became King of Avalon, as told in this strategy game that allows you to raise your very own dragon.

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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Finished Final Fantasy XV but haven’t had enough of Noctis? Give A New Empire a whirl. This strategy game allows you to build your own kingdom in the long-running universe and recruit your favourite characters.

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Star Trek: Fleet Command

Fans of the long-running franchise will absolutely adore this strategy game, which sees you take command of your very own starbase, recruiting your favourite officers like James T. Kirk, Spock, and more.

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Rise of Kingdoms

If Civilisation VI was a free-to-play multiplayer game with real-time battles, it would be Rise of Kingdoms. You select your favourite historical leader and embark on your journey of total world domination.

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Art of Conquest

Fancy living in a fantasy kingdom? How about building one instead? That’s what Art of Conquest provides. You build an army, recruit mythical heroes, and command dragons as you strive to take over the world.

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Three Kingdoms: Overlord

Taking place in the Three Kingdoms period, this strategy game challenges you to grow your own empire. You may even end up unifying the whole country.

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Civilization War

Drawing inspiration from the Civilisation series, Civilization War sees you take charge of a historical empire and lead it to new-found glory.

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Clash of Empire

Recruit famous generals, deploy powerful troops, and build an empire in this Civ-like by Leme Games.

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Lords Mobile

Build a full-blown fantasy army, featuring dwarves, mermaids, and steampunk robots side-by-side and conquer the world.

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State of Survival

Put your zombie survival strategy to the test in State of Survival, which takes place six months following a zombie apocalypse. You have to find fellow survivors, battle off zombies, and strive to build a city that will allow your fellow humans to forge a new life.

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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Bridging the gap between the comics and the TV series, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival challenges you to make the same difficult decisions that your favourite character’s face in the show.

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Marvel Strike Force

One of the best Gacha RPGs going, Marvel Strike Force allows you to recruit your favourite heroes from the universe. Ever wanted to build a dream-team of Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Loki? Don’t let your dreams be dreams.

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Dragon Champions

Rather build a team of orcs, goblins, and elves? Dragon Champions has got you covered. This gorgeous Gacha RPG features a lengthy campaign, PvP battles, and a wide variety of warriors to recruit.

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The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

You’re spoilt for choice where The Walking Dead is concerned on mobile. No Man’s Land allows you to recruit your favourite characters from the TV series and send them into battle against vicious zombies.

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Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends probably needs no introduction. This is one of the best-looking mobile games out there, so it makes sense to whack it on BlueStacks right away to see what your PC is capable of.

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Girls Frontline

Taking place in the near-future setting of 2060, Girls Frontline challenges you to time travel and find powerful soldiers that can help you save the world. No pressure.

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King’s Raid

Fans of anime will love King’s Raid, which draws a lot of inspiration from hit TV shows. You can also play dress-up, with a wide variety of costumes to unlock for each character.

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Idle Heroes

With over 200 heroes to gather, Idle Heroes is one of the biggest Gacha RPGs on mobile. Battle through dungeons, complete quests, and participate in guild wars.

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This Gacha RPG also draws inspiration from anime, and incorporates features from the best mobile strategy games. You will build a base, recruit operators, and participate in challenging battles.

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AFK Arena

With a gorgeous, hand-painted art style and a friendly free-to-play monetisation model, AFK Arena is one of our favourite Gacha RPGs. It features a wide variety of special events too, which change up the gameplay in interesting ways. Make your adventuring easier by grabbing free goodies in our AFK Arena codes guide.

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Azur Lane

What if your Gacha RPG focused on gathering ships, rather than traditional warriors and mages? It would be Azur Lane. This 2D, side-scrolling battler is a lot of fun.

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Hero Wars

Looking like a Cartoon Network show brought to life, Hero Wars has everything you want in a Gacha RPG. You explore dungeons, recruit heroes, and upgrade them with new skills and equipment.

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Shop Titans

What if you don’t want to do all of that adventuring, and would rather sell equipment to heroes instead? Well, Shop Titans is the game for you. It’s gorgeous visually, so will look great on your PC.

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West Game

West Game gives you a taste of life in the Wild West. You can build your own town, raise an enormous army, and recruit your very own sherriff.

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Gacha Club

This is an intriguing sim, in that it takes the hero collecting of Gacha RPGs and turns it into a dress up simulator. There are a bunch of costumes, pets, and backgrounds to collect. What’s more, we’ve put together a Gacha Club guide and Gacha Club codes article to help you get started.

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WWE Champions 2020

Wrestling and puzzle games go hand-in-hand if WWE Champions 2020 is anything to go by. You can recruit your favourite wrestlers from throughout history, like The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and Becky Lynch, and solve puzzles to perform signature moves.

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Merge Magic

Like to give your brain a workout? Merge Magic is the game for you. The concept is simple: find three of the same object and merge them together, creating a more powerful version.

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Plinko Master

This puzzler challenges you to gather as many coins as possible by playing Plinko. Drop little pink heads into the machine and hopefully gather a bunch of coins along the way. Learn how to master it in our Plinko Master guide.

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Nova Empire

Those who are too impatient to wait for Eve Echoes could do a lot worse than check out Nova Empire. This multiplayer strategy game sees you take to space as you strive to build your own galactic empire.

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Operation: New Earth

Prefer your sci-fi to take place on Earth? Operation: New Earth is the multiplayer choice for you. This entry sees you desperately trying to defend Earth from hostile alien invaders.

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Dragon Storm Fantasy

Ever wished you could level your Diablo Immortal character while you’re not actually playing? Well, if that’s you, Dragon Storm Fantasy will appeal to you. This action RPG lets you do just that, logging in occasionally to upgrade your character.

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Three Kingdoms: Epic War

This multiplayer strategy game provides warfare on a grand scale, with over 10,000 players battling it out for supremacy on a single map. You can forge alliances or wage war against your neighbours.

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Coin Master

This hybrid of slots and town building is a great game to play with friends. You can send each other daily gifts and compete to see who can get a higher score than the other. Make your life easier by getting a bunch of Coin Master free spins from us.

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Garena Free Fire

Quietly becoming the biggest battle royale shooter on mobile, Garena Free Fire looks and runs great on PC. Grab your friends and play together to dominate the competition. We’ve even got a bunch of content to help you:

Get it on BlueStacks!

Mobile Legends

Forget League of Legends: Wild Rift. What you need is Mobile Legends, the biggest MOBA on mobile. With a bunch of characters to collect, each of which rotate weekly for free, and all of the usual MOBA trimmings, there’s plenty here to love. Learn more in our Mobile Legends content:

How to play Android games on PC:

Now, we’ll answer a bunch of questions you may have regarding playing Android games on PC.

BlueStacks app player: How to download and install the emulator to play Android Games on PC

So, you want to get the BlueStacks app player so you can play Android games on PC? That’s easy. Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Visit the official BlueStacks site
  2. Hit ‘Download BlueStacks’
  3. Wait for the installer to download
  4. Open the ‘BlueStacksInstaller.exe’
  5. Follow the steps to install BlueStacks
  6. Enjoy playing Android games on PC!

Is BlueStacks safe?

Yes, BlueStacks is completely safe. It’s just an emulator that runs an instance of Android on your PC, allowing you to play Android games on PC with enhanced controls and various other features. Think of it is a virtual mobile or tablet and you’re on the right lines.

BlueStacks offline installer: How to get BlueStacks if you’re having connectivity issues

If your internet is struggling when downloading BlueStacks, you can grab the offline installer via the following instructions:

  • Head on over to BlueStacks support
  • Click to download the 64-bit or 32-bit Windows version
  • Wait for it do finish downloading
  • Open the .exe file
  • Follow the instructions to install it
  • Enjoy playing Android games on PC!

BlueStacks latest version: How to get it and patch notes

The BlueStacks latest version is 4.215, which focused on providing a smoother gameplay experience while playing at home. It also fixed a bug in Rise of Kingdoms.

You can read the BlueStacks latest version’s full patch notes on the official site, and grab it by following the instructions in our download section.

BlueStacks older versions: Can I still get BlueStacks 1, 2, or 3?

Yes, you can still get BlueStacks older versions, which may have improved compatibility with your hardware. The official BlueStacks installer will actually automatically detect the right version for you, and download it automatically.

Alternatively, you can manually fill out the section yourself by heading on over to this page and filling in the fields for ‘Choose from the Other BlueStacks Versions’.

BlueStacks for Mac: is it available?

Yes, BlueStacks for Mac is available. When you follow our download instructions above, BlueStacks should automatically download the Mac version of the software.

If, for some reason, it doesn’t, you can manually download the Mac software by selecting ‘Mac’ as your operating system on the right-side of the page.

Bluestacks iOS: is it on iPhone and iPads?

No, BlueStacks iOS is not currently available, and there is no evidence that the developer is working on an iPhone or iPad version. We’ll update this guide if that changes but, in the meantime, you can play Android games on PC instead.

BlueStacks system requirements:

The BlueStacks system requirements for BlueStacks 4 are as follows:

Minimum requirements:

  • Windows 7 or above
  • Intel or AMD processor
  • At least 2GB RAM
  • 5GB free HDD space

Recommended requirements:

  • Windows 10
  • Intel or AMD multi-core processor
  • Intel/Nvidia/ATI graphics card
  • 8GB or higher RAM

BlueStacks Reddit: How to join the community

If you’d like to get involved with the community, there is an official BlueStacks Reddit that you can join. This will help you get support, find new games to play, and provide you with information about the latest updates.

And there we have it, our complete guide on how to play Android games on PC. We hope you’ve found it useful!

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