The best Android games on PC

A list of our favourite Android games on PC, from glorious gachas and epic RPGs to intense shooters and even a couple of hidden gems

Final Fantasy characters riding chocobo

Sometimes you just want to play Android games on PC from the comfort of your desk, along with a bevvy of enhancements that make them play better. That includes mouse and keyboard support, faster framerates, and the ability to play many instances of a game at once. That makes re-rolling in the best gacha games an absolute breeze.

But, which Android games on PC should you play, we hear you ask? Well, that does slightly depend on the type of mobile games you like to play. Many of the biggest games are available on your desktop, so you could just stick to those. However, if you’re looking for a bunch of new games to play, you’ve come to the right place.

Now, let’s get into our list of the best Android games you can play on PC.

The best Android games on PC

Android games PC - State of Survival

State of Survival

Put your zombie survival strategy to the test in State of Survival, which takes place six months following a zombie apocalypse. You have to find fellow survivors, battle off zombies, and strive to build a city that will allow your fellow humans to forge a new life.

Android games PC - Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force

One of the best Gacha RPGs going, Marvel Strike Force allows you to recruit your favourite heroes from the universe. Ever wanted to build a dream team of Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Loki? Don’t let your dreams be dreams.


Android Games PC - Arknight


This Gacha RPG also draws inspiration from anime, and incorporates features from the best mobile strategy games. You will build a base, recruit operators, and participate in challenging battles.

Android Games PC - Azur Lane

Azur Lane

What if your Gacha RPG focused on gathering ships, rather than traditional warriors and mages? It would be Azur Lane. This 2D, side-scrolling battler is a lot of fun.

Mobile Legends

Forget League of Legends: Wild Rift. What you need is Mobile Legends, the biggest MOBA on mobile. With a bunch of characters to collect, each of which rotates weekly for free, and all of the usual MOBA trimmings, there’s plenty here to love. Learn more in our Mobile Legends content:

That’s it for our guide to playing Android games on PC! For more content like this, make sure you check out our list full of the best mobile RPGs on iOS and Android.