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Unicorn Overlord release date promises a royally good adventure

Vanillaware announces the Unicorn Overlord release date, bringing a new tactical RPG with fantasy elements to the Nintendo Switch next year.

Unicorn Overlord release date: two characters fighting on a stone balcony

It’s a busy time for game announcements across all platforms, what with the recent Nintendo Direct, State of Play, and now the Tokyo Games Show. In all the chaos, we’re excited for the Unicorn Overlord release date coming up soon so we can dive into another epic Atlus title.

Atlus together with Vanillaware announced Unicorn Overlord, a new tactical fantasy RPG coming to Nintendo Switch on March 8, 2024. Who doesn’t love fantasy games, especially with other elements thrown in?

The team behind Unicorn Overlord is made of some of the industry’s finest, with titles like 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim under their belt, and Atlus – the creator of the Persona series and many more fantastic games.

So, what is the game? It expertly combines overworld exploration with an ‘innovative battle system’, where you can make use of 60 different characters ranging from human units to elves and mythical beasts. When you’re not holding your ground on the battlefield, you need to make your name known through the five nations and be the hero they deserve.

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For those of you who, like us, love a good collectors edition – good news! Unicorn Overlord has a collectors edition coming that’s stuffed with goodies like a soundtrack on two CDs, a full art book, and a whole card game to play. Not only that but it includes an upcoming DLC pack, too.

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