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Vampire Survivors characters

With several different Vampire Survivors characters to choose from, pick your most suited way to slay the undead with our full guide to each and every one.

Vampire survivors characters: a pixelated sprite shows a character from Vampire Survivors over a blurred image of an action-packed scene

There are so many Vampire Survivors characters to unlock that it can make Poncle’s game a bit of a daunting prospect for new players. That’s where we come in, with our lists of all the slayers available in-game. From the originals to the DLC newbies, we’ve got them all below so you can figure out how to add each to your roster and what abilities and weaponry to expect.

So study up and make sure you’re using the best character for your vibe, and the best option for your preferred weapon load out so you are maximizing your damage and truly slaying those hordes of the undead. For even more great undead-slaying content, check out our Vampire Survivors weapons guide and our Vampire Survivors review next.

Let’s dive into our Vampire Survivors characters guide

Vampire Survivors characters

Character Ability  Starting weapon How to unlock 
Antonio Belpaese Gains 10% more damage every ten levels (max +50%)  Whip Unlocked at the start 
Imelda Belpaese  Gains 10% more experience every five levels (max +30%)  Magic wand Unlocked with cash at the start 
Pasqualina Belpaese  Projectiles get 10% faster every five levels (max +30%)  Runetracer Unlocked with cash at the start 
Gennaro Belpaese  Permanent +1 projectile (all weapons)  Knife Unlocked with cash at the start 
Arca Ladonna  Gains -5% cooldown every ten levels (max level 30)  Fire wand Level up the fire wand to level four 
Porta Ladonna +30% area, and -90% cooldown, decreasing by 30% until level four Lightning ring Level up the lightning ring to level four
Lama Ladonna  +10 health, +10% might, +10% movespeed, and +1-% curse, with each gaining another 5% every ten levels up to maximum of 30%  Axe Survive 20 minutes with at least 10% curse active
Poe Ratcho -30% health and +25% magnet Garlic Get garlic to level seven 
Suor Clerici +0.5 recovery and +50 heath. +400% area, with area bonus reduced by 100% every level until level five Santa water  Recover a total of 1000 hp
Dammario +40 projectile speed, +40 duration, -40% movement speed King bible Earn 5000 cons in one run
Krochi Freetto  +33% movement speed +1 revival  Cross Defeat 100000 enemies
Christine Davain -50 max health, -35% might, -25% cooldown, and +30% movement speed Pentagram  Get Pentagram to level seven
Pugnala Provola +1% might with every level, and +20% movement speed Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight the sparrow Find and open her coffin in the Mad Forest
Giovanna Grana  +1% projectile speed with every level, and +20% movement speed Gatti Amari Find and open her coffin in Inlaid Library
Poppea Pecorina  +1% duration with every level, and +20% movement speed Song of mana Find and open her coffin in Dairy Plant
Concetta Caciotta  +1% area with every level, as well as 20% movement and 10% curse Shadow pinion  Find and open the coffin in Gallo Tower
Mortaccio +1 amount every 20 levels until level 60 Bone Defeat 3000 skeletons
Yatta Cavallo +1 amount every 20 levels until level 60 Cherry bomb Defeat 3000 lion heads
Bianca Ramba +1 amount every 20 levels until level 60 Carréllo Defeat 3000 milk elementals
O’sole Meeo +1 amount every 20 levels until level 60 Celestial dusting Defeat 3000 dragon shrimps
Sir Ambrojoe Starts with +10 amount, but loses 2 every level until six. Then at level 20, +1 amount for every 20 levels until 60 La robba Defeat 6000 stage killers
Iguana Gallo Valletto Starts +1 level, then gains 10% growth every five levels Clock lancet Find the infinite corridor
Divano Thelma Starts +1 level, then gains +1 armor every five levels Laurel Find the crimson shroud
Zi’Assunta Belpaese +0.5% might, projecile, speed, duration, and area, every level.  Vento sacro Find and open the coffin in Cappella Magna
Queen Sigma 333 max health, 3.0 recovery, 3 armor, +50% movement speed, +50% might, +50% duration, -25% cooldown, +1 amount, +1 revival, +100% magnet, +50% luck, +10% curse, +108 reroll, +108 skip, +108 banish, and +1% might and +1% growth every level with no limit Victory sword Complete the collection

Vampire Survivors secret characters

Character Ability Starting weapon  How to unlock
Exdash Exiviiq -23 max health, -10% movement speed, -10% might, -10% area, -50% speed, -10% duration, +10% cooldown and +10% luck every ten levels Ebony wings Cast the spell x-x1viiq, or collect little clovers until you unlock Exdash
Toastie -99 max health, +20 movement speed,  Peachone Uppercut a non-red reaper
Smith IV Starts with seven max health, +20% movement speed, -10% might, -10% area, -50% speed, -10% duration, +10% cooldown, +100% luck. Then, gains recovery, might, area, speed, duration, and luck every level.  Vandalier Cast the spell ‘maybeimastallion’ in the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane
Random A random stat is increased at every level Random Look under previously opened coffins or cast the spell ‘igottagettotheedgeofsoul’ in the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane
Boon Marrabio  Starts with +20 max health, +30% movement speed, +20% might, -80% greed, -10% curse, and -110% speed. Thousand edge Follow the trail after pillaging Pummarola and Skull O’Maniac from the Mad Forest
Avatar Infernas +0.5% cure, +0.5% might, +2% movement speed, and -0.25% cooldown every level.  Flames of Mispell It is tangible only in the inverted Inlaid Library, goof friends might then show the way
Minnah Mannarah Starts with 150 max health, 0.5 recovery, and -70% might. Then gains +10% might every three levels until 24.  Bloody Tear Deal with the consequences of stealing cheese from the dairy plant
Leda +5% armor, -20% movement speed, +100% might, +10% area, -10% cooldown, and -80% greed.   Holy Wand Investigate the bottom of the Gallo Tower
Cosmo Pavone Starts with 20 max health, +1 recovery, +20% luck, +30% movement speed, and +1 revival. Then gains +1 recovery and +1% luck every level, and 1 revival every 100 levels.  Peachone and Ebony Wings Visit the fiery balcony in Capella Magna with a pure heart and two good friends
Peppino Starts with +20 max health, +2 armor, -60% area, +100% magnet, and -100% movement speed. Gains +10% area on level 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and 21 Soul Eater Be a good boy in Il Molise
Big Trouser +1 gree every level Candybox Master all sixteen accessories in Moongolow
missingN[] Randomised every time the character selection screen is opened Axe or death spiral With the most adverse fate in green acres, run off the edge of the world
Gains Boros +2 growth every level Heaven sword Find the one place that flowers bloom in The Bone Zone
Gyorunton +1 curse every level Bracelet  Survive the boss rush with just one weapon
Mask of the Red Death +100 movement speed, 255 max health, and +20% might. Death spiral Settle the score with the reaper
Scorej-Oni  Gains an additional lightning ring every eight levels, up to a maximum of six at level 40 Lightning ring Discover the source of the roaring thunder on the Tiny Bridge

Vampire Survivors Legacy of the Moonspell characters

Character Ability Starting weapon How to unlock
Miang Moonspell +20 max health, +20% recovery, +1 recovery, +0.2 max health on every over-heal Silver Wind Mt. Moonspell coffin
Menya Moonspell -20 max health, +10% might, -10% cooldown, +10% luck, +8 banish, 30 seconds boosted state after defeating a specific number of enemies Four Seasons Evolve Silver Wind
Syuuto Moonspell +50 max health, +2 armor, -20% movement speed, +50% might, +50% curse, -30% projectile speed, -30% area, with further boosts after evolving Summon Night Summon Night Evolve Four Seasons
Babi-Onna +10 reroll Mirage Robe Evolve Summon Night
McCoy-Oni +8 max health, +1 armor, +20% Growth, and area temporarily increases 150% every second 108 Bocce Evolve Mirage Robe
Gav’Et-Oni +20% movement speed, +1 amount every 20 levels (max +4) Mille Bolle Blu Kill 6,000 Kappa

Vampire Survivors Tides of the Foscari characters

Character Ability Starting weapon How to unlock
Eleanor Uziron -10 max health, +20% move speed, +25% growth, +2 reroll Spellstrike Lake Foscari coffin
Maruto Cuts +1 armor, +20 max health, +20 might, +10% curse, extra +1 armor for ten seconds after damage Eskizzibur Combine Spellstring, Spellstream, and Spellstrike
Keitha Muort +10% luck, +40% move speed, +20% speed, -10% cooldown, +10% curse, and +1% luck every level (no cap) Flash arrow Evolve the Eskizzibur
Luminaire Foscari +7 revival, +5 banish, +0.5 recovery, +40% move speed, trigger a rosary, might, and movement speed boost on revival Prismatic missile Break the Seal of the Abyss with Maruto
Sammy +2 recovery, -60% might, +10% might at levels 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and 21, longer gold fever Vicious hunger Defeat 6,000 Sammies

Alright vampire-slayers, that’s all we have for today as we have to get back to Vampire Survivors. For even more great content, be sure to check out our guide to Vampire Survivors weapons and evolutions next.