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Vampire Survivors weapons and evolutions

You've figured out how to survive the vampires, but how do you evolve Vampire Survivors weapons? Check out our handy guide right here.

Vampire Survivors weapons: A character in the middle of a battle with many vampires

Want to get into Vampire Survivors but not sure what equipment to use? Not to worry, our Vampire Survivors weapons guide is here to help. In order to fight back the forces of evil, you’ll be equipped with a variety of different weapons, which can all be upgraded, which is nice. Equip your character with an axe, a knife, or even bits of jewellery to get the best damage.

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The good news is, whenever you level up while playing Vampire Survivors, you can refresh your weapon choices. A new, random weapon will be available as a choice, or you can upgrade a weapon you already have. If you do want to evolve any of your weapons in Vampire Survivors, you need to max out its level first.

How do I evolve Vampire Survivor weapons?

So, you want to know about Vampire Survivors’ evolution and weapons? It’s a fairly simple process, once you know what you’re doing. To evolve any weapon, you need to upgrade the weapon of choice to level eight, and collect the item required for evolving (don’t worry – we’ve got this covered below!). Most items don’t need to be upgraded before you use them.

Lastly, you need to pick up a chest. The chests are drops from bosses. Make sure to have your leveled-up weapon equipped while doing this, and have the required item in your inventory. And there you go! Your weapon will evolve.

Here’s our concise list of which weapons and items you’ll need to evolve them into something new:

Original weapon Item Upgraded weapon
Whip Hollow Heart Bloody Tear
Magic Wand Empty Tome Holy Wand
Knife Bracer Thousand Edge
Axe Caldelabrador Death Spiral
Cross Clover Heaven Sword
King Bible Spellbinder Unholy Vespers
Fire Wand Spinach Hellfire
Garlic Pummarola Soul Eater
Santa Water Attractorb La Borra
Runetracer Armor No Future
Lightning Ring Duplicator Thunder Loop
Pentagram Crown Gorgeous Moon
Gatti Amari Stone Mask Vicious Hunger
Song of Mana Skull O’Maniac Mannajja
Shadow Pinion Wings Valkyrie Turner
Victory Sword Torrona’s Box Sole Solution
Flames of Mispell Torrona’s Box Ashes of Muspell
Bracelet (Not needed) Bi-Bracelet
Bi-Bracelet (Not needed) Tri-Bracelet
Laurel Two items needed: Metaglio Left and Metaglio Right Crimson Shroud
Clock Lancet Two items needed: Silver Ring and Gold Ring Infinite Corridor

A couple of things to note here are that the two bracelet items don’t require an item to evolve, they can be found in chests when they are at level six, and when evolving the Laurel and Clock Lancet, both items required must be maxed out.

On top of this list, there are three instances of two weapons that evolve into a single item. These are:

  • Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight The Sparrow (plus a Tiragisu item) make Phieraggi
  • Vento Sacro and Bloody Tear make the Fuwalafuwaloo
  • Peachone and Ebony Wings make the Vandalier

That’s what we know about Vampire Survivors’ weapons for now! If any more come to the game, we’ll add them in right here. Happy slaying! For more supernatural stuff, check out the best zombie games.