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The Witch Doctor joins the Horde in Warcraft Rumble Season Four

Warcraft Rumble’s Season Four update adds the Witch Doctor, a new ranged AoE support from the Horde who specializes in voodoo magic.

Warcraft Rumble Season Four: The new Witch Doctor mini outlined in white and pasted on a blurred purple and black magical background

Blizzard says it’s time for your medicine as Warcraft Rumble Season Four introduces the Witch Doctor Troop, new emotes, and a range of quality-of-life changes. The update also adds a bunch of ways to earn the Witch Doctor for yourself.

The Witch Doctor is a powerful new Troop capable of cursing your enemies, shielding allies, and granting your other minis Bloodlust during battle. His Cursed Beam attack makes enemies explode when they die, dealing additional AoE damage to nearby enemies. He’s a great unit to add to your Warcraft Rumble deck, if you can get your hands on him.

Like many of the best mobile strategy games, Warcraft Rumble makes you work if you want access to the newest Troops. You can’t buy the Witch Doctor directly from the G.R.I.D until next season, but you can unlock him via the Guild Warchest, PvP, and three different store offers, so he’s also not locked behind a paywall.

As well as adding this awesome ranged Horde unit, Season Four adds two adorable animated Gnomelia emotes featuring her mechanical hand, one giving a thumbs down and the other wiggling her fingers. PvP is also seeing a mix-up, changing out the current tower, enchant, and modifier. Plus, Blizzard has reworked the rewards system, so look forward to more loot than usual!

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Look out for all of these features when Warcraft Rumble updates today, March 6, 2024

That’s everything you need to know about the Warcraft Rumble Season Four update. For a deeper look at Blizzard’s mobile RTS title, take a look at our Warcraft Rumble interview. We’ve also got a Warcraft Rumble tier list ranking all the best minis in the game.