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Warcraft Rumble tier list for April 2024

Our Warcraft Rumble tier list is all you need to get off to a flying start in Blizzard’s mobile game full of warring miniatures inside the epic fantasy world.

Undead units in undead hands for Warcraft Rumble tier list

It’s time to find out which is the mightiest mini with our Warcraft Rumble tier list. We’ve checked out all the available units in Blizzard’s tower-defense RPG, ranking their strengths in PvP, PvE, and multiplayer raids. We’ve also got tips on how to pick up new characters if your current roster is a little lacking.

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Warcraft Rumble tier list

Our Warcraft Rumble tier list is representative of the current meta, with the best units in the S-tier and the worst down in D. Remember, in-game updates bring buffs and nerfs to those in the rankings, so be sure to bookmark this page to check the latest standings. Those with (L) next to their name are leaders and are particularly potent compared to regular units.

Rank Warcraft Rumble unit
S Rend Blackhand (L), Baron Rivendare (L), Tirion Fordring (L), Defias Bandits, Quilboar, Drake, Gryphon Rider
A Grommash Hellscream (L), Old Murk-Eye (L), Maiev Shadowsong (L), Necromancer, Banshee, Gargoyle, Gnoll Brute, Prowler, Core Hounds, Bat Rider, Warsong Grunts, Flamewaker, Meat Wagon, Earth Elemental, Frostwolf Shaman, Darkspear Troll,  Huntress, Blizzard, Whelp Eggs, Stonehoof Tauren, Pyromancer, Harpies, SAFE Pilot
B Cairne Bloodhoof (L), General Drakkisath (L), Sneed (L), Hogger (L), Holy Nova, Ogre Mage, Warsong Raider, Spiderlings, Skeletons, Execute, Harvest Golem, Warsong Grunts, Raptors, Murloc Tidehunters, Footmen, Vultures, Dark Iron Miner, Abomination, Chain Lightning
C Jaina Proudmoore (L), Sylvanas Windrunner (L), Charlga Razorflank (L),  Skeleton Party, Cheat Death, Polymorph, Worgen, Fire Elemental, Smoke Bomb, Goblin Sapper, Ghoul, Plague Farmer, Arcane Blast, Living Bomb, Firehammer, Molten Giant
D Bloodmage Thalnos (L), Angry Chickens, Deep Breath, Mountaineer
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How do we rank Warcraft Rumble units?

We decide on rankings for our Warcraft Rumble tier list by combining our own in-game experiences with the general thoughts of the wider community. While there are plenty of ways to play and combinations that complement each other, there’s still usually a consensus as to which of the many units are the best in battle.

For example, it’s clear that the three best leaders in the game right now are Rend Blackhand, Baron Rivendare, and Tirion Fordring. Not only are they useful in battle through combat skills alone, but Tirion’s healing abilities keep your units in the battle for longer, while Rend and the Baron’s skills each provide more or cheaper units to stock the arena with minis ready to march.

It’s more difficult to weigh up regular units for our Warcraft Rumble tier list as they can be quite situational, but those in our S and A tiers pack the most punch. A personal favorite is SAFE Pilot, as they deliver a decent amount of damage to a specific area of your choosing on the field, which is especially useful if you need just one more hit to take out an enemy boss. Chain Lightning is similar, but packs slightly less of a punch.

Troll units in Troll hands for Warcraft Rumble tier list

Can you perform a Warcraft Rumble reroll?

As it’s not a gacha game, you won’t have to pull off endless rerolls to get an S-tier unit from our Rumble tier list. You unlock some of the big hitters, like Darkspear Troll and Tirion Fordring, from in-game progression early on. Others don’t arrive until later on, but providing you keep questing through the PvE experience, you should have some high-ranking units before too long.

There you have it, our updated Warcraft Rumble tier list. For more on this exciting mobile title from Blizzard, check out our Warcraft Rumble interview with key players from the development team. Or, if you prefer making moolah to mini melees, check out our free Monopoly Go dice guide.