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Everything we know about Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

Find out all the details about this anticipated strategy game

For us Warhammer fans, it’s always a delight when we have a new game on the horizon. Warhammer Quest 2 was a fair bit of fun, and Perchang is currently gearing up to bring us a sequel of sorts; Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. Based upon the tabletop game of the same name, Silver Tower will expand on a new setting for the series, entering Age of Sigmar, and the Mortal Realms for the very first time.

Not many Warhammer games opt for Age of Sigmar over the classic Warhammer Fantasy or End Times setting, so it’s actually pretty exciting to see what possibilities it will create for Silver Tower. The Mortal Realms have been seriously fleshed out in recent years, so there are now plenty of races to potentially play as, or face off against.

So we figured it was time to get concrete on this thing, and lay on the line everything we know about Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. Thanks to the trailers we’ve seen, and a lovely chat with Perchang also, we’ve got plenty warp-tainted secrets to divulge:



Though we caught some glimpses of recognisable Champions in the announcement trailer, we don’t know entirely how they work… until now!

  • Silver Tower’s Champions will draw from the eight Mortal Realms and the four grand alliances that occupy it
  • There will be ten Champions at launch
  • Silver Tower will feature every Champion from the board game, plus some fresh faces
  • As with the previous games, Champions will represent ‘blank canvases’ on which players can put their stamp
  • Each Champion has a unique skill, such as the Knight Questor’s ‘Thundercharged Strike’, or the Excelsior Warpriest’s ability to summon a Gryph hound


Few things are as important as combat proficiency in a strategy game, as your party’s composition of Champions will determine what situations you can overcome:

  • There are three core classes in the game; melee, ranged, and spells
  •  Each class has a special ability
  • Melee has Deathblow, a chained 40% chance to attack again after striking
  • Spell casters have Magic Charge, meaning their damage, range, and the number of enemies they can hit builds each turn, but this resets when they attack
  • Ranged characters have Reaction Shot, an overwatch ability which interrupts enemy turns and movement
  • The classes are further differentiated by individual Champion stat lines

Item sets

As with most dungeon-based battlers, there is another important question to ask: what about the loot? Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower has a variety of equipment to use, but with a new simplified system:

  • Weapons are now called Item Sets
  • These Item Sets function as Champion loadouts
  • Each Item Set will belong to an individual Champion
  • You can change them in-between stages


These are effectively all the other items in the game, and will perform a variety of functions depending on who you attach them to:

  • Boons can be items such as gems that stun enemies
  • They can also be traits that increase stats
  • They are also mutations such as Iron Flesh
  • Each Champion has a number of Boon slots, and you can swap them around between stages
  • You can sell some Boons for gold

the silver tower

Many of you who have already played the tabletop game will know a lot about the Silver Tower, but those who haven’t are in for a nasty surprise. Here’s what we know:

  • The Silver Tower is ruled over by the Gaunt Summoner – the guy in the announcement trailer with all of the eyes
  • In comparison to Warhammer Quest 2’s rolling dungeons, Silver Tower is broken down into short stages, each presenting a tactical challenge
  • The game will have over 100 stages at launch, drawing Champions and enemies from across the Mortal Realms to test their mettle
  • Your challenge is to overcome everything the tower has to throw at you, classic fantasy style
  • The Gaunt Summoner, as the master of the Silver Tower, is a really important character in terms of the game’s narrative

in-app purchases

Silver Tower is also unique because it’s the first free-to-play Warhammer Quest game, and as such there will be a certain number of in-app purchases:

  • The game has two currencies
  • Gold is used on item sets, cosmetics, and boons, and you can purchase it in-game
  • Summoning Stones unlock new Champions, as a kind of gacha-esque game element
  • You can purchase Summoning Stones, or earn them by completing Daily Challenges

quests and future content

There are plenty of plans for the future of Silver Tower, and with the Mortal Realm’s setting, there are lots of enemies, races, and factions to draw from. Here are the details:

  • More Champions will join the game in the first update, with a hinted focus around Death
  • There are Daily Quests to complete
  • Perchang has lots of ideas for future quests and mechanics
  • Whether larger content packs, such as campaigns, are implemented, depends upon player-base and feedback


Though not technically a feature, this idea is very important to Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, and we wanted to list some features related to it that we feel will help you understand what this game looks to be about:

  • Changing from Warhammer Quest 2’s continuous dungeons, Perchang is focusing on shorter, simpler strategic encounters
  • Rather than allowing players to switch gear between Champions allowing any character to fulfil any role, there is more focus on simplifying character function
  • The setting of the Silver Tower offers a simple formula of Champions overcoming stages focused around different enemies and themes

That’s all she wrote! We’re extremely excited for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, both to see how the game plays and whether this approach of simplicity pays off, but also to see a Warhammer game which really utilises the setting of Age of Sigmar.

If you want to check out the game, there is a possibility you could be a Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower beta tester. We don’t know when Silver Tower will release yet, but we’ll be sure to keep this guide updated when we get any new information.

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