Warpath codes – gold, military funds, and arms XP

Keep your troops locked 'n loaded with our Warpath code list

March 19, 2021: We’ve added two new codes to our list

Lilith Games’ new WW2 base-builder, Warpath, is proving popular with the casual strategy crowd, but, as ever, free-to-plays require resources. After all, an army marches on its stomach. So that’s why, in our wisdom, we’ve decided to create a Warpath code list for all the freebies in the game. Whether we’re talking military funds, arms XP, gold, crude oil, or any of the multifarious resources required to keep your army in tip-top fighting form, we got ’em.

We also explain how to redeem your precious Warpath codes, and where to potentially get more, if you find yourself running a little low on supplies. Lilith usually releases codes as a promo for specific events, so be sure to keep this list bookmarked, and check back, as we keep it updated on a regular basis when new Warpath codes drop.

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warpath codes:

  • warpath_iOS – 800 gold, 150k arms exp, 20 three minute building rush, 20 three minute tech rush (new)
  • warpath2021 – 200 gold, 100k military funds, 100k steel, 100k crude oil, 100k arms exp (new)

Expired codes:

  • valentine2021 
  • theSpringFestival 
  • nywp
  • santajack
  • merryxmas
  • tday20
  • warpath_ojg
  • warpath001
  • warpath_cp
  • warpath_bvg
  • TrickorRetreat 

Model of soldier waving a pistol in Warpath

what are warpath redeem codes?

You can redeem Warpath codes for in-game rewards such as gold, arms XP, crude oil, military supplies, and much more. Lilith usually releases them around promotions and events, so be sure to check the list for updates.

how do i redeem my warpath code?

To redeem your Warpath code, you just have to open the game, then tap on the avatar icon in the top left corner. From here you need to tap ‘Options’ and then ‘Gifts’, which will open up a text box. Type your redemption code here, and tap ‘Draw’ to get your rewards.

where can i get the latest warpath codes?

Following Warpath on Twitter, and keeping an eye on the official Facebook account is a good way to get new codes. But the best way is to keep an eye on this list, as we keep it updated with any new codes that Lilith releases.

And that’s our Warpath code list. If you want to play Warpath for yourself, you can find it on Google Play.