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Two pensioners won a Wii bowling tournament and we can’t stop smiling

Gaming Twitter gave us some much needed joy this week, letting us know that a pair of French pensioners won a Wii bowling LAN tournament together.

A photo of Jeanine and Gilbert holding their trophy from the Wii bowling tournament at Games Assembly 2023 in France.

A pair of pensioners warmed the hearts of gamers on Twitter last week by winning a Wii bowling LAN tournament in France. Until as recently as January 2023, the Wii was the best-selling home console in France and sold 6.3 million units during its lifetime.

Jeanine, 96, and Gilbert, 85, represented their retirement home at the Gamers Assembly 2023, which took place at Parc des Expositions in Poitiers. Gamers Assembly is responsible for hosting some of the biggest LAN events in all of France that span dozens of games from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to Rainbow Six Siege to Wii Sports bowling.

Content creator Jake Lucky shared a clip of the pair of bowlers competing in the grand final on Twitter, commenting that “we need more of this”. He shared another clip of Jeanine and Gilbert accepting their well-earned trophy, bringing some much-needed joy to the gaming Twitter community.

Many people on Twitter found it shocking to see that the Wii is still a popular console and that Wii bowling LAN events were a thing that existed. Regardless, this moment has got to be one of the cutest in esports history.

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