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Vinnie Jones in World of Tanks is all I want for Christmas

I’ll be driving tanks for Christmas with World of Tanks and Vinnie Jones, in a surprising crossover bringing festive cheer to the game.

Vinnie Jones in World of Tanks wearing a red coat, and stood in front of fairy lights

Well, Vinnie Jones, Santa, and World of Tanks working together wasn’t on my 2023 bingo card, but here it is – a crossover in time for the holiday season letting the iconic actor loose into the World of Tanks franchise.

Each year, World of Tanks enlists the help of a celebrity ambassador to join their ranks and get some festive feelings going – last year it was none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. This year it’s British national treasure, movie star, and footballer, Vinnie Jones.

Vinnie, the tough guy that he is, works with Santa to um… deal with those on the naughty list. However, 2023 sees a change of heart as he hands in his resignation letter and leaves to take on a new role, as a commander in World of Tanks.

The man himself has this to say: “You heard that correct, I’m hanging up my candy canes for good to join the awesome World of Tanks players for Holiday Ops 2024.” His days of ‘correcting’ those on the dreaded naughty list are behind him. “It’s going to be Jingle-Bells all the way!”.

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As for what this entails for players, you can find Vinnie in the tanker garage, and grab some seasonal quests off him. These challenges come with suitable rewards like tank skins, decals, decorations, and some medals, too. If you happen to play World of Tanks Modern Armor, you can invite Vinnie to be a recruit in your crew.

Holiday Ops 24 kicks off on December 1, across all platforms including Switch and mobile. What are you waiting for? Crack on and get ready for this Juggernaut.

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