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Wuthering Waves crashes past 30 million downloads in one month

Kuro Games’ latest gacha title has the mobile industry in the palm of its hand as Wuthering Waves sails past 30 million worldwide downloads.

wuthering waves 30 million downloads artwork showing Rover and YangYang together

Today, Kuro Games let us know via Twitter that the total number of Wuthering Waves downloads has passed a huge milestone already, less than a month since the game was released on mobile and PC platforms worldwide.

Wuthering Waves now has over 30 million downloads across the globe, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. In the Tweet, Kuro promises to keep improving the game and adding exciting new areas and characters – like the map expansion coming up in version 1.1 with Wuthering Waves Changli – to keep us all exploring Huanglong.

To put it in perspective, Genshin Impact holds the record for the biggest worldwide launch of a Chinese game ever, grabbing 17 million mobile downloads within its first week. Now, we all know Hoyoverse’s title is a runaway success, breaking a lot of records, but Wuthering Waves isn’t too far behind.

As a thank you to players, Kuro is offering ten lustrous tides (pulls for the standard banners), and five crystal solvents via in-game mail to every user. However, you may have seen an earlier tweet in which Kuro was to pick ten winners that retweeted the post and grant them a ten-pull instead.

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Players – myself included – weren’t best pleased, as we’re clearly used to the number of free pulls, shell credits, and items that Kuro has given out to make up for issues with the game’s release. Thankfully, once again, Kuro took their community’s comments on board and rectified the situation.

Either way, the game is getting increasingly popular regardless of the freebies, though we’re sure they helped. You can check for all the Wuthering Waves codes right here, and then give our Wuthering Waves tier list a look to see who to focus on building in the game.