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Wylde Flowers crossover flourishes in Kinder World on mobile

Put a spring in your step with a new collaboration between Kinder World and Wylde Flowers, bringing some blooming lovely trinkets.

Kinder world Wylde Flowers collaboration: smiling and happy plant pots

Attention, all wholesome gaming fans – a new collaboration is sprouting and we recommend you check it out. Wylde Flowers and Kinder World collaborate on a set of furniture items available in the latter game for us to pore over.

The cute collection includes a Cleocatra plush, a vase full of moonflowers as seen in Wydle Flowers’ gardens at night, and a rainbow alpaca! How delightful.

Oh, and these Fairhaven-inspired items are available for free in Kinder World right now. The collaboration celebrates the Fabulous Farming update in Wylde Flowers that brings in new animals like piglets and ducklings (squee!).

Kinder World – which we highly recommend you download – is a free app that focuses on taking care of plants and talking to Samy the white, fluffy dog. Available on iOS and Android, it only requires a few minutes of your time each day for you to tend your plants and grab any new seeds that are available.

The planty app provides a brief moment of relaxation throughout the day, to unwind, disconnect from the real world, and just water some leafy bois. Not only are there many plants to grow, there’s cute critters hanging around to meet and a focus on self-care and being kind to yourself which is something a lot of us forget to do.

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This Wylde Flowers collab isn’t the first and likely won’t be the last that we see in Kinder World. Previous collections of Coffee Talk and Kitfox Games items – including a Seadog plush from Pupperazzi – are also available for free, too.

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