Hercules and America Chavez are coming to Marvel Contest of Champions

A Greek demigod and mystical brawler join the fighting game

hercules in holding Howard Duck's mouth shut in a bar with patrons in the background

Marvel Contest of Champions welcomes two new faces this month – Greek demigod Hercules and mystical brawler America Chavez. They, alongside Captain Marvel, are the stars of July’s Event Quest, Starfall.

America Chavez’s arrival in The Battlerealm has thrown a spanner in the works. Portals are opening, and it is up to Chavez, and Captain Marvel, to do some damage control. But, of course, Hercules also enters the fray, having been sucked into The Battlerealm by a stray star portal. Together, with Howard the Duck, the heroes uncover the truth behind the realm’s origins – defeating anyone who stands in their way.

Undoubtedly, these new heroes make quite the impact. Not only is Hercules a demigod, he’s also the son of Zeus, and has the blessing of his stepmother, Hera, heightening godlike attributes such as stamina, speed, immortality, and immense strength. America Chavez, meanwhile, possesses powerful mystical energies, having been born in a dimension outside of time, and space. Moreover, due to her unique abilities, Chavez can travel between dimensions.

If you want to know more about Starfall, check out the official motion comic below.

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