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TABS gets silly on Switch this summer

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, the wild and wacky game from Landfall, is bringing its wobbly physics to Nintendo Switch this summer

Two TABS armies, one red, one blue, lined up opposite each other, with one blue axe-wielding soldier and one red crown-wearing, sword-wielding soldier clashing in the middle. A mammoth can be seen on the red army's side.

Developer Landfall announced in today’s Nintendo Indie World showcase that Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (or TABS for short) is coming to Nintendo Switch in summer this year. That means you’ll have a chance to build armies and watch them battle it out wherever you may need to.

I like to think of TABS as a wind-up toy, but instead of turning the crank, you set up different soldiers from wildly different eras and when you’re ready, you watch it go. The challenge comes in the campaign, where you have a limited amount of money to spend on your army. But you’ll have to wait for the TABS Switch release date this summer to see for yourself.

The game is great, there’s no doubt about that, but I do wonder how it will perform on Switch, as it does have some issues in the other versions I’ve checked out. Either way, I’m excited, as the title has some of the most hilarious stuff I’ve experienced in a game for a long time.

You can check out the TABS Switch release date announcement trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

When is the TABS Switch release date?

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is coming to Nintendo Switch in summer of this year. There’s no exact date yet, but we’ll be sure to update this page as soon as we see it, so keep your eyes peeled.

That’s all we’ve got on the TABS Switch release date. For more new games on the go, it looks like HoYoverse are getting ready to announce a Zenless Zone Zero release date, which is worth a look for the name alone, right?