Indie World Showcase gives us a glimpse at heaps of lovely new indies

A cel shaded character rides a skateboard over a banana

Just when we thought it was safe to make a GOTY list, Nintendo came in with a final little update and dropped the latest Indie World Showcase. We got a glimpse at some fantastic looking indie titles heading to the platform soon, including a couple that are available to download right now.

There was a lot of pixelated goodness in today’s Indie World Showcase, as publisher Chucklefish unveiled its latest point and click title Loco Motive, and the developer of the Messenger revealed Sea Of Stars, a new title set in the same universe with a brand new twist.

There were also updates to much-anticipated titles like Roll 7’s OlliOlli World, which was finally given a date as well as a fresh new trailer. However you like your indie gaming, Switch has a whole heap of gaming goodness available at your fingertips, and 2022’s release schedule just got even brighter. Check out our guide below for more information on many of the titles revealed in today’s Indie World Showcase.

Here is our rundown of the biggest titles from today’s Indie World Showcase:

From the creators of the Messenger, comes the tactical pixel art game Sea of Stars. Launching in Winter 2022.

Uncover a murder mystery with a comedic flair, with Loco Motive from publishers Chucklefish. Coming in 2022.

A heart-felt and hand-drawn visual novel with a rhythm gaming twist, After Love EP heads to Switch in 2022.

A sombre tale of survival and family, Endling: Extinction is Forever, comes to Switch in 2022.

Beloved indie title Chicory finally paints up a storm on Nintendo Switch, launching today!

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OlliOlli World from Roll7 finally skates onto Nintendo Switch on February 8th 2022. Pre-orders are open today, including exclusive cosmetic items.

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The dark and difficult Metroidvania GRIME has been confirmed for Nintendo Switch, expected to launch Summer 2022.

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Manage your very own colourful dinosaur enclosure, as Parkasaurus roars onto Switch in 2022. 

A gorgeous RPG heavily inspired by Earthbound, OMORI heads to Nintendo Switch in Spring 2022.

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And be sure to check out the full presentation for even more info in the video above.

Hopefully, all this gaming goodness keeps you busy for a while, but be sure to check out our guide to the best free Switch games if you want even more titles you can start playing today.

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