Aerial Knight’s Never Yield release date announced for mobile

On the left, a man in cyberpunk-style streetwear with a burst of flame coming towards him. On the right, that same man, hair glowing red.

Publisher Headup and developer Aerial Knight have finally announced the Never Yield release date for mobile platforms. It’s coming to iOS and Android on March 30 this year, and will feature the big content update Da Update, that comes to all platforms on the same day as the mobile release.

The game has already seen great success on the Nintendo Switch and PC, as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Its upcoming mobile release means the game is available on every major platform. With the Aerial Knight’s Never Yield release date announced, you can expect to roam through a dark neon Detroit sooner rather than later, in this 2D sidescroller akin to an endless runner.

While there’s a wide range of reviews (the highest being a 95/100), the game has a respectable 74/100 on Metacritic, a site that aggregates all major reviews to find a representative score. If you’re a fan of 2D sidescrollers, check out our list of the best mobile platformers to see what else is out there.

Is there an Aerial Knight’s Never Yield trailer?

Of course there is! You can check it out below.

YouTube Thumbnail

When is the Aerial Knight’s Never Yield release date?

Aerial Knight’s Never Yield is coming to both iOS and Android at the end of the month, on March 30. Of course, it’s already available on many other platforms, but nothing beats an endless runner you can keep in your back pocket.

That’s everything we know about the Aerial Knight’s Never Yield release date. If you’d rather have a big-screen portable platformer, check out our guides to Kirby and the Forgotten Land mouthful mode, Kirby and the Forgotten Land preview, Kirby and the Forgotten Land release date to make sure you’re prepared.