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AFK Arena’s latest anime crossover is an isekai fan’s dream

AFK Arena welcomes TenSura stars Rimuru and Shuna in Lilith Games’ latest anime collaboration, alongside tons of free summons and gifts.

AFK Arena TenSura: Rimuru and Shuna in AFK Arena's signature art style

Good news for anime fans – Lilith Games has announced an AFK Arena x TenSura collaboration event. Beloved characters Rimuru and Shuna from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime are joining the likes of Rem and Ram from Re:Zero in Esperia’s growing catalog of anime crossover appearances.

Even after the launch of AFK Journey, Lilith Games’ AFK Arena remains one of the best idle games on mobile, and this new collaboration adds to its history of anime crossovers that keep players coming back for more. To tie in with TenSura’s third season, which is currently airing across various anime streaming platforms, the show’s protagonist Rimuru Tempest and fan-favorite side character Shuna have traveled to Esperia, and they are free to try during the event.

Rimuru and Shuna’s in-game abilities mirror those found in the TenSura anime, as Rimuru is able to empower allies with his “Equal Naming” ability and bounce back from the brink of defeat thanks to his regeneration. Shuna protects her team as she does in TenSura, able to heal allies and completely cancel enemy abilities using “Magic Overwrite.” As an added bonus, Lilith Games worked with the original voice actors for each character to faithfully recreate them in AFK Arena.

As usual, there are plenty of chances to earn rewards during this crossover event, as well as up to 180 free summons for anyone who plays. You can find Rimuru and Shuna in AFK Arena right now and experience their journey across Esperia by playing the new Voyage of Wonder, “Stone Freed, Water Flows.”

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That’s everything you need to know about the AFK Arena TenSura crossover event. For more freebies, check out our AFK Arena codes page. We’ve also got an AFK Journey tier list and AFK Journey codes for you to use in Lilith Games’ new open-world idle adventure.