AFK Arena codes – every new redemption code

All of the latest AFK Arena codes for free diamonds, soulstones, gold, hero scrolls, and how to redeem them in-game

November 30, 2020: We removed an expired code from our list. Our AFK Arena giveaway is also still open!

If you’re the sort of mobile gamer that likes free stuff, then AFK Arena is the game for you. Not only is it free, but developer Lilith Games regularly releases a bunch of AFK Arena codes, which, as you can expect, provide you with a bunch of free in-game stuff that will allow you to progress a lot faster in this Gacha RPG.

The current crop of AFK Arena codes include free Diamonds, Gold, Hero and Faction Scrolls, Soulstones, and more. Redeeming them is as simple as copy and pasting the codes, which we’re going to list below, into a field in-game. We’ll detail exactly how that works in this guide too, so don’t worry about it for now.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with a list of the latest AFK Arena codes, explain how codes work and how to redeem them, and provide you with a list of expired codes, so you know which ones to avoid. We’ll update this guide regularly with new codes, so we recommend bookmarking it and checking back often to see what’s new.

Here are the latest afk arena codes:

We’re running an afk arena giveaway!

In celebration of the crossover event with Overlord, we’ve partnered with Lilith Games to give away some prizes. Each of our winners will receive 5x faction scrolls and 600 diamonds. Check out our AFK Arena giveaway post if you want to enter.

AFk arena codes

  • overlord666 – 500k gold, 500 diamonds, and 500 hero’s essence
  • 311j4hw00d – 100k gold and 100 diamonds
  • ch3atc0de – 100k gold and 100 diamonds
  • xmasl00t – 100k gold and 100 diamonds
  • d14m0nd5 – 100k gold and 100 diamonds
  • afkmarkiplier – 30 elite hero shards and 300 diamonds
  • bestrpg4busyu – 500k gold and 500 diamonds
  • badlijey666 – 100K gold and 100 diamonds
  • 101nc107h – 100 diamonds and 100k gold
  • afkelijah – 1000k gold, 500 hero’s essence, 500 diamonds
  • uf4shqjngq – 30 common hero scrolls
  • afk888 – 300 diamonds, 20k gold, 100 hero’s essence
  • misevj66yi – 5 common hero scrolls, 500 diamonds, 60 soulstones

Expired list:

  • 6u226crhtp
  • invincible
  • 576W235SUW
  • 57KH69FHZR
  • 4rytg4u2q6
  • LIUYAN888
  • LIUYAN118
  • LIUYAN233
  • 3BAEE6V3V7
  • 2GQ55JII87
  • 2N7GEK6RTC
  • 2NZZY8Y67V
  • 25PG5GNPCF
  • 26DNUIW8S4
  • 66DASHUN
  • DADISAFK2019
  • DON00001
  • G8JV646A3Y

wHAT ARE afk aRENA redemption CODES?

AFK Arena codes are a series of jumbled letters and numbers that you can redeem in-game for free rewards. Developer Lilith Games releases these on a regular basis, with codes for special events sitting alongside others that seemingly have no expiration date.


You can redeem your AFK Arena codes by following these steps:

  • Open AFK Arena on your mobile device
  • Tap your avatar on the top left of the screen
  • Hit ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Redemption Code’
  • Copy and paste the code from our guide
  • Hit ‘Confirm’
  • Live long and prosper

How do I get more AFK Arena codes?

That’s the easy part: we’ll do it for you. We’re going to keep this guide updated with all of the new codes as soon as they become available, so we thoroughly recommend that you bookmark this page and refer back to it often.

We’ll, of course, keep on top of the list of expired codes below, so you can cross-reference any other codes you come across on your journey. That way you won’t waste your time inputting a code that’s no longer valid. Nobody wants that.

You can download AFK Arena on Google Play and the App Store. For more content, be sure to see our AFK Arena tier list!

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