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AFK Journey tier list April 2024

Use our AFK Journey tier list and reroll guide to optimize your questing team and get the most out of your gacha pulls in this exciting idle RPG.

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Build yourself the strongest team using our handy AFK Journey tier list. A bunch of your favorite AFK Arena characters have made the jump over to this new open-world RPG, so we’ve created a guide to help you see where your mains rank. This list is subjective though, so if you’re a massive Atalanta fan, feel free to keep using her even though we’ve ranked her poorly.

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Here’s everything in our AFK Journey tier list and reroll guide.

AFK Journey tier list

Here’s how each of the AFK Journey characters rank across the different game modes. However, keep in mind that tier lists are subjective and intended to be used as a guideline only – especially considering most of the heroes in this game perform well in the right situations. So don’t let the ranks stop you from using your favorite character!

AFK Journey tier list – story mode

Tier AFK Journey heroes
S Cecia, Hewynn, Koko, Odie, Reinier, Rowan, Thoran, Vala
A Antandra, Bryon, Carolina, Damien, Dionel, Eironn, Florabelle, Igor, Korin, Lyca, Scarlita, Shakir, Silvina, Smokey & Meerky, Viperian
B Arden, Berial, Brutus, Cassadee, Granny Dahnie, Marilee, Niru, Parisa, Rhys, Seth, Temesia, Valen
C Kafra, Lucius, Mirael, Walker
D Atalanta, Chippy, Fay, Hammie, Kruger, Lumont, Salazer, Satrana

AFK Journey tier list – Dream Realm

Tier AFK Journey heroes
S Cassadee, Koko, Korin, Kruger, Marilee, Odie, Reinier, Shakir, Smokey & Meerky, Temesia, Thoran
A Bryon, Cecia, Damian, Florabelle, Lucius, Lyca, Rhys, Rowan, Scarlita, Seth, Vala, Walker
B Berial, Brutus, Carolina, Dionel, Eironn, Hewynn, Lucius, Mirael, Parisa, Salazar, Satrana
C Antandra, Fay, Granny Dahnie, Igor, Niru, Silvina, Valen, Viperian
D Arden, Atalanta, Chippy, Hammie, Kafra, Lumont

AFK Journey tier list – PVP

Tier AFK Journey heroes
S Aironn, Arden, Carolina, Damian, Odie, Reinier, Rowan, Scarlita, Thoran
A Berial, Florabelle, Hewynn, Igor, Parisa, Silvina, Smokey & Meerky, Vala
B Antandra, Brutus, Bryon, Cecia, Dionel, Granny Dahnie, Koko, Salazar, Seth, Shakir, Temesia, Viperian
C Cassadee, Korin, Lucius, Lyca, Marilee, Niru, Rhys, Walker
D  Atalanta, Chippy, Fay, Hammie, Kafra, Kruger, Lumont, Mirael, Satrana, Valen

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AFK Journey reroll guide

The most reliable ways to reroll your starting characters in AFK Journey on mobile are server-hopping and email-hopping, but we recommend email-hopping to prevent losing progress compared to other players. That being said, rerolling isn’t super necessary in this game, much like other idle games, AFK Journey relies on duplicates of characters rather than single copies.

Plus, your first two S-rank characters are guaranteed – the first is Cecia, who’s currently the best damage dealer in the game, and the second guarantees you Rowan, Hewynn, and Smokey & Meerky, all of which are amazing support units.

To perform an AFK Journey reroll using email-hopping, all you need to do is:

  • Prepare multiple Google email accounts ahead of time
  • Go through the rolling process on one and then switch accounts if you need to reroll
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How do I get more AFK Journey characters?

At launch, all AFK Journey heroes are available for free. As explained in this official news post, you can claim All-Hero login rewards to get all A-level and S-level heroes from the six factions that are available at launch.  Simply log in daily, and on the seventh day you even get a select a hero epic chest.

Beyond that, AFK Journey is a gacha game, so you must pull on banners to get more characters. Luckily, you can earn plenty of these in-game simply by progressing through your adventure and taking part in the different game modes and events.

That’s our complete AFK Journey tier list and reroll guide. For more help finding the strongest units in other mobile games, check out our Genshin Impact tier list, Honkai Star Rail tier list, Limbus Company tier list, and Outerplane tier list.