AFK Arena tier list: the best heroes in each class

Our AFK Arena tier list will help you pick the best heroes in each class

Our AFK Arena tier list aims to settle the eternal question: which heroes should you pick for your team. It’s an important question when playing a Gacha RPG like AFK Arena, as resources are minimal for those who like to play for free (which is basically all of us). You really don’t want to waste the precious few you have on heroes that you just won’t use in the long run.

But now, you don’t have to, as we’ve compiled a complete AFK Arena tier list, which puts every single hero, in each class, in an easily digestible list that you can quickly scan through to pick your dream team. We’ll include the best tanks, support, warrior, ranger, and mage heroes, and list them by their class, so you can quickly check for the best hero to complete your team.

We’ll also keep this regularly updated, so you can always pop back whenever there’s a big balance update to see if your favourite hero is finally worth picking. You can also grab yourself some extra resources by checking out our AFK Arena codes list.

AFK Arena Tier List:

AFK Arena best mages – S


A dark mage who harms herself and her allies to dish out punishment to her enemies.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Mesmerize  Enemy heroes attack each other and don’t recover energy for five seconds
Whiplash Deals 130% AoE damage to enemies and allies. Allies recover 65 energy, 50% of damage as HP, and have 40% more haste for eight seconds
Infatuation  Deals 80% damage to an enemy, leech’s 3% of its health, and reduces its damage by 40% for 12 seconds
Hellspawn Sacrifice 60% HP to summon three minions, which deal 75% damage, 30% of which is returned to Mehira



This holy mage uses divine power to smite her foes.

Skill Max Level Effect
Divine Light Deals 110% AoE damage five times
 Divine Retribution Deals 210% AoE damage and reduces accuracy
Brilliance Critical rating is increased by 18% and critical damage by up to 24%
 Blessing Increases two allies’ attack and critical rating by 20%


This nature mage loves the great outdoors so much that she was named after her favourite part of it.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Sea of Flowers Deals 240% AoE damage for 12 seconds, and enemies lose 40% of Flora’s attack damage per second
 Airborne Flora can’t be targeted by attacks and deals 122% AoE damage enemies while at least one ally is alive
 Swoop Sacrifices 25% health and deals 60% as damage, and grants a protective shield to allies for five seconds
 Rejuvenation Recovers 1% maximum health per second, and 3.5% of any character’s max health when they heal


You know that creepy ghost girl in every horror movie ever? That’s Isabella.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Decimation Deals 160% damage up to eight times and is immune to control abilities for four seconds
Void Barrage Deals 190% damage to the weakest enemy, plus 15% for the next two subsequent casts
Soul Power Reduce 40% damage, recover 350 energy, lose 15% health, and increase life leech by 30 for eight seconds
 Surge Casting speed is increased by 20% for ten seconds at the beginning of battle


This frozen mage loves ice so much that he’s actually made out of the stuff.

Skill Max Level Effect
Frozen Mist Deals 130% AoE damage initially, 45% damage per second, and reduces enemies’ health recovery by 70% for 16 seconds
 Glacial Shards Deals 170% damage to three enemies, who lose 50 haste points for four seconds
Frozen Beam Deals 270% damage to an enemy and freezes them for three seconds
Frost Serpent
  • Frozen Mist Deals 160% more damage and freezes enemies for two seconds
  • Glacial Shards fires an additional attack that deals 200% damage
  • Frost Beam deals 20% of the health an enemy’s lost at the end


Drawing influence from the ancient Egyptians, Safiya is a fiery mage of the desert.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Falling Sun Deals between 100% – 660% AoE damage, depending on charge time
Scattered Bolt Deals 210% damage, stuns an enemy, and splashes damage to nearby enemies
 Static Field  Deals 90% AoE damage per second to nearby enemies
Spectral Disruption Increases all allies’ attack by 24% and reduces all enemies’ by 50%


A life-leeching expert, Shemira is a deadly mage that’s as capable of supporting herself as disrupting her foes.

Skill Max Level Effect
Tortured Souls Deals damage for 12 seconds, 100% of which is converted into health
 Soul Siphon Deals 60% damage every 0.5 seconds and leaches health
Silence Deals 150% damage to a magic-based enemy and prevents them from casting abilities
 Wrath Shemira deals more damage the more health she possesses, with a cap of 40% more damage



This mage controls the wind like it comes with a remote control.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Tempest Deals AoE damage multiple times, 250% damage at the end, and enemies lose 50% energy
Inner Sight Deals 270% damage increases ultimate ability attack damage by 250% for four seconds, and stuns enemies that use ultimate abilities for 1.5 seconds
Gale Force Lorsan links two enemies, who receive 120% of each other’s damage, and stunning the other enemy for five seconds on death of the linked
Wind Ward Reduces damage for two allies by 300% attack rating for seven seconds and increases dodge by 90 points


The Frankenstein of AFK Arena.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Soul Burn Deals 160% damage and 1.5% extra for each 1% of energy the target has
Void Lightning Deals 200% AoE damage and recovers 50 energy for each enemy struck
Eviction Deals 220% AoE damage
Eye of Evil Increases attack and cast speed by 15%, adds a three second stun effect to ‘Eviction’, an additional target to ‘Void Lightning’, and his basic attacks reduce 60 energy


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Obviously not; it’s Skriath.

Skill Level One Effect
 Desert Vortex Deals 80% AoE damage per second for five seconds
Death From Above  Deals 185% AoE damage
Sandstorm Skriath deals 20% more damage and reduces enemy accuracy by 100 points and haste by 25
Critical Insight Raises allies’ critical ratings by 0.8 points per second until a maximum of 30 points are reached



Satrana is a flame-wielding desert dweller.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Firedance Deals 80% damage multiple times to an enemy, ending with 240% damage
Flutter Flame Deals 140% damage two times to the enemy target and reduces damage received and heals by 25%
Fireseeds The enemy target loses 1% health per second, and deals 330% damage when health falls below 25%
 Overflow Attacks cause enemies to burn, reducing healing by 50 and health reduced by 43% of Satrana’s attack rating each second


A gifted Wilder that controls her enemies with the power of alchemy.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Blossom Fall Deals 380% damage to all enemies and stuns them. Increases Solise’s other abilities for 20 seconds
 Floral Disruption Deals 230% damage and stuns an enemy
Floral Specter Deals 90% damage to nearby enemies and deflects 80%
 Forest’s Blessing Reduces damage an ally receives by 25% they recover 70% of Solise’s attack rating as health per second

AFK ARENA Best rangers – S


Attacks with the powers of the heavens, and is capable of defending herself.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Divine Fury Deals 190% AoE damage three times. The third slash has a 100% critical strike chance
 Judgement Deals 310% damage and prevents an enemy from recharging energy for five seconds
 Purging Frenzy  Deales 170% damage and stuns target for three seconds
 Protection Mitigate 8% and increase Athalia’s damage by 4% for every ally on the battlefield


Wields dual swords of ice and wind like he’s writing the sequel to Game of Thrones.

Skill Max Level Effect
Elemental Surge Deals 300% AoE damage and knocks enemies backwards
Twin Force Deals damage, freezes, slows, and knocks back enemies
Vortex Draws in all enemies standing within a certain distance
 Sylvan Oath  Increases Eironn’s attack rating and gives his attacks a chance to ignore his enemies’ defense


All of Ferael’s friends are dead. And by that, we mean they’re spirits.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Nether Blaze  Deals 220% AoE damage, and an additional 25% if an enemy is haunted by a spirit
Accursed Arrow Deals 170% damage and summons a spirit that deducts 15 energy and interrupts enemies on attack
 Terrorize Terrifies and stuns three heroes for ten seconds and summons a spirit that haunts them for three seconds
 Corrupted Spirit Summons an evil spirit from any fallen heroes’ corpse that then haunts an enemy for ten seconds



A handy crossbowman, who’s a real nuisance to his enemies.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Purification Deals 140% damage to all enemies and removes allies’ debuffs
 Abate Steals an enemy’s attack speed by 45% and reduces enemy energy regeneration for 7.5 seconds
Confine Deals 50% damage and prevents an enemy from attacking, or being attacked, for nine seconds
Silver Bolt  Raises Fawkes’ normal attack damage by 30%, restores 40 energy, and deals a further additional 40% damage to de-buffed enemies


Firing arrows of pure elemental energy at her enemies, Gwyneth is a force to be reckoned with.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Divine Arrow Deals 270% AoE damage and reduces enemies’ accuracy by 150 for eight seconds
 Flaming Arrows Gwyneth’s attacks have a 70% chance to become flaming arrows that burn the enemy for 60% damage per second and reducing health recovery by 50% over five seconds
 Lightning Arrows Attacks have a 70% chance to become lightning arrows that deal 240% AoE damage and stun enemies
Strength In Numbers Accuracy is raised by 160 and Critical Strike damage by 30%


A powerful archer that can simultaneously attack her foes and boost her allies.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Arrow of Justice  Deals 260% damage and knocks target backwards
Foe’s Fragility  Attacks lower target’s defense rating by up to 13% and convert 45% damage to health
Awe Increases allies’ attack speed and regenerates 100 energy
 Rapid Arrows  Fires three arrows, reducing defence by 25%



Part cat, part human, and all stealth-y. You won’t see her coming.

Skill Max Level Effect
Assassinate Deals 250% damage to the enemy with the lowest health, and increases attack by 20% if the enemy dies
Triple Strike Deals 100% damage three times
 Evasive Strike Dodges enemy attacks once every ten seconds and cannot be targeted
 Feline Finesse  Raises dodge rating by 70 points


That’s right, you do recognise Nakoruru from SNK, as the character arrived in AFK Arena as part of a crossover event.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Running Chest Jab Deals 520% damage and removes shield effects
Kamui Rimuse Deals 210% damage and interrupts actions
Schichikapu Amu Deals 220% damage to a backline enemy and stuns for two seconds
Kamui Matsube Deals 320% damage and restores 400% attack rating as health


This ranger is a master of poison and powerful piercing attacks.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Mania Deals 120% AoE damage for 15 seconds
Piercing Bolt  Deals 140% damage to enemies in a straight line, recovering 40 energy when hitting a poisoned enemy
Poison Vial Decreases enemies’ energy recovery and attack rating by 50% and they lose 70% of Vurk’s attack as health every second for ten seconds
Poison Traps Stuns enemies for five seconds and poisons them for ten seconds



You can’t really kill Kelthur, as he’ll just come back as a spirit.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Blades of Fury Deals 65% AoE damage initially, then 220% on final hit, returning 70% of it as health
Retaliation Dodges an attack, deals 150% damage, and increases haste by 60% for four seconds
Displace Swaps places with an enemy, increasing their damage received by 50% for ten seconds
Ethereal Resurgence When Kelthur dies, he returns as a spirit, gaining 80% haste


Don’t let his appearance deceive you; Oscar is a deadly assassin. He can make a great pot of tea, though.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Aura of Haste Deals 270% AoE damage and increases haste by 100 points
Fine Cuts Deals 260% damage to weakest two enemies
Slice and Dice Teleport to a thrown knife and deal 270% AoE damage
Unfazed Remove debuff effects and increase critical and dodge rating by 35 and 135 points respectively


The master of critical hits, Thane can wreak havoc on tanks.

Skill Max Level Effect
Eviscerate Deals 80% damage nine times
Lunge Deals 140% damage and increases crit rating by 20% for five seconds
Execution After four critical hits, deal 80% damage plus 18% of the target’s maximum HP
Focus Increase crit rating by 17%


Tidus was born for battle, he is a lone wolf who lives for battle.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Twisted Fate Deals 160% damage to all enemies that he passes, then pounces on the weakest enemy target for 220% damage
Frenzied Strikes A five-stage attack, deals 80% damage per attack to the target. The enemy then suffers 65% damage per second over 12 seconds whenever moving.
 Battle Howl  Enemies flee from Tidus for five seconds. Afterwards, Tidus’ movement speed increases by 35% and attack rating increases by 30% for 10 seconds. Nearby allies also receive a movement speed and attack rating boost.
 Savagery Attacks a single enemy whose health is lower than 50% until they die. The attack rating of normal attacks is increased by 50%


Elijah and Lailah

These celestial twins are known for reconciling differences and resolving disputes.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Hope Raises allies haste by 75 for ten seconds. Removes negative effects from allied heroes and prevents them from being controlled for four seconds
Grace Elijah restores 160% of his allies health, Lailah restores 70 of her allies energy points.
Cleanse  Elijah removes all negative effects from Lailah and creates a shield around her equal to 360% of their attack rating. When an enemy nears Elijah, Lailah will teleport to him, attacking the enemy for 180% damage, knocking them back and stunning them for four seconds
 Unity  The final two allies affected by Grace will create a union meaning they will both take 30% of the damage that is inflicted upon the other.


A duck-wielding hero, Rowan is always on hand to heal up an ally.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Dazzle  Gold coins are thrown onto the battlefield, healing 70 energy points and increasing attack rating by 30% for 8 seconds, three random targets will receive coins every 0.5 seconds. If an enemy collects a coin they will be stunned for 4 seconds
 Avian Assault  Attacks the nearest enemy multiple times for 80% damage each. The enemy’s accuracy will drop by 120 points for ten seconds, in which time you can steal 120 of the enemy’s energy points
 Healthy Supplies When a nearby allies health drops below 50% a potion will be used to restore 40% of their max health
Damage Control If he receives damage that exceeds 10% of his max health, he will begin to lose energy instead of health.


Talene can transform into a phoenix then come back to life to heal allies.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Fire Born Talene enters Phoenix form, 90% of her current health is turned into a permanent shield of equal value. Normal attacks will turn into close-range area attacks that deal 150% damage while in Phoenix form
Meteor Shower  280% damage is dealt to a single enemy target. If Talene is in Phoenix form, meteorites will continue to fall every 0.5 seconds
Phoenix Rising   Every time Talene dies she turns into a fireball and recovers 7% of her max health every second
 Afterglow The two weakest allies recover 150% of Talene’s attack rating as health each time Talene cumulatively loses 10% of her max health



The source of all your nightmares, Ezizh can make his enemies go mad while they sleep.

Skill Max Level Effect
Fissure Deals 220% AoE damage
 Feeble Mind  Forces an enemy to walk towards him, deals 230% damage to the enemy once they reach him
Horrify  180% damage dealt to all enemies, rendering them unable to cast their ultimate abilities for 3 seconds
Mental Fury The team regains regain 50 energy points every three seconds


The fairy of dreams, Tasi is able to provide pleasant dreams or conjure up horrible nightmares.

Skill Max Level Effect
Slumber  Puts all enemy targets to sleep for five seconds. Once they awaken they will take 30% of the damage received while they were asleep
Dream Spirit  Summons a magical fairy which lasts for 13 seconds and periodically deals 65% damage to enemies or heals teammates for 65%
 Banishment  The most powerful enemy is banished for six seconds. Tasi steals 40% of target’s attack rating
 Teleportation  When struck you can teleport to an ally to increase haste, or an enemy to deal 170% damage



Rosaline was the daughter of the mayor in the kingdom’s main trade hub. Unfortunately, she was orphaned when he passed and became a servant to a temple.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Motivation Damage is decreased by receives by 40% while following an ally. Raises the attack rating of the ally being followed by 60% for four seconds
Crazy Crockery  Throws numerous items at an enemy dealing 120% damage each and leaving the enemy temporarily stunned
Afternoon Tea Heals the ally she is following for 170% worth of her attack rating
 Spring Cleaning  She cannot be attacked for four seconds. 80% damage is dealt to enemies that near the ally she is following


An extremely bright student who loves nature and will protect it at all costs.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Wild Wonder Heals teammates health by 30% of her own max health. armour and magic resist are increased by 15%. Teammates with health lower than 20% regenerate 30% faster
 Beguile  Deals 110% damage to enemies and causes them to turn against their side.
 Mother Nature Healing efficiency is increased by 20%. If a teammate is at full health 50% of healing abilities will be turned into a shield
 Life Force Heals the weakest member of the team for 30% of her own maximum health and also restores 40% of their energy points



A witch doctor with mountains of knowledge.

Skill Max Level Effect
Resonating Blast Deals 240% damage to all enemies that it hits
Rejuvenating Totem A totem is set down that heals 125% of total attack rating value. The totem remains active and heals allies for 3% health per second
Offensive Totem  A totem is set down that deals 150% damage to its surrounding enemies.
Fanaticism  The ally with the highest attack rating’s haste is increased by 40 for 12 seconds


This stoic demon slayer has taken down thousands of foes in her time.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Cripple  The enemy is marked with a Bounty Mark that lasts for 16 seconds. Damage received by the marked enemies is increased by 20%. The killer of a marked enemy receives 80 energy points every second for ten seconds
 Barrage   70% damage is dealt five times to the enemy with the lowest health and 10% damage is dealt five times to the enemy with the highest attack rating. Their haste is also reduced by 40 points for one second
Lock On  The enemy with the lowest health is marked for ten seconds. While marked, allies who deal damage to the target will have their attack speed increased by 30% for three seconds
 Exploit Attacks and abilities deal more damage to foes the lower their health is, up until a maximum of 30% damage is reached. Allie’s damage is increased by 30%



A solitary fighter with savage attacks who loves a challenge.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Whirlwind Brutus attacks twice dealing damage to enemies and converting 35% of the damage into health
 Roar  Physical damage received by enemies is increased by 50%, this move cannot be dodged
Brutal Defiance  When Brutus has low health his damage will be increased by up to 100% and movement speed is increased by up to 25%
 Last Gasp  Brutus is able to retain one health point after taking a fatal blow and will be immune to all subsequent damage for eight seconds


Lucius mastered the sword at a young age. Despite being a fierce warrior, he is an extremely kind and gentle soul.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Heaven’s Protection Allies are blessed with a shield that mitigates 550% damage for ten seconds. The shield also regenerates health over time
Divine Strike Nearby enemies are knocked over and dealt 160% damage. Damage is reduced by 20% for every enemy knocked over. The ability lasts for eight seconds
Divine Blessing The ally with the lowest health is healed for 220% of their attack rating and their defence rating is raised for five seconds. Health recovery is increased by 75% the lower the ally’s health falls.
Blessed Shield  Defence rating is increased for five seconds. Energy recovered is increased by 70% while the shield is raised


Known as the Abysmal Butcher, Mezoth has a unique weapon that deals immense damage.

Skill Max Level Effect
Devour Passive: Mezoth cannot be controlled when his health is above 50%. When using his ultimate ability, Mezoth imprisons the enemy. While the enemy is imprisoned Mezoth loses 70 energy per second and the imprisoned enemy lose health equal to 90% of Mezoth’s attack rating every second and cannot attack or use any abilities. If the enemy target is immune to control abilities, they will not be imprisoned and will be dealt 480% damage instead
Abyssal Butchery  The enemy is knocked back and struck multiple times with 85% damage per strike, the final strike deals 220% damage. Every strike that lands will cause Mezoth to heal 8% of the health lost by the enemy.
 Demonic Hunger  A shield will be active for seven seconds that will mitigate damage equal to 14% of his own max health. Enemies nearby will be dealt damage equal to 20% of his own current health and their haste will be reduced by 50 points for seven seconds.
 Carnivorous Lust Mezoth’s max health is increased by 80% at the start of the battle and decreases over time. His defence rating can be increased by up to 180%, based on his current max health.


Orthros rules over the domain of time and does not meddle in the affairs of mere mortals.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Time Suspension Time is stopped for three seconds, during this time Orthros attacks the weakest enemy dealing 80% damage per attack
Time Trap  At the start of battle, Orthros sets a time trap on the two nearest enemies. After 20 seconds the traps explode causing 400% damage to nearby enemies
 Inertia  240% damage is dealt to a single target and stops them from recovering energy for nine seconds
 Celestial Vigor   Max health is increased by 25% per second until it reaches 150%. After 30 seconds, Orthros will become immune to control abilities



A legendary king who reigns over his kingdom with virtue and righteousness.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Smite Arthur’s normal attacks are greatly strengthened. Any subsequent uses of this ability deal 480% damage to enemies in front of Arthur
 Excalibur’s Fury  Damage increased by up to 260%
King’s Blessing  220% damage is dealt to nearby enemies and a shield is formed which is equal to 480% of his attack rating
 Shield of Honor  Attacks that strike Arthur from the front deal 70% less damage


Thoran controls an army of the undead and hopes to use them to gain vengeance from his foes.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Retaliation After focusing 160% damage is dealt to enemies in front of Thoran. 200% of the damage Thoran receives while focused is dealt as additional damage. While focused, Thoran is immune to control abilities and receives less damage. 40% of the damage dealt to enemies is regained as health
 Domination Thoran deals 160% damage an enemy and knocks them to the ground. Damage is multiplied by two when used against lower level enemies
Wild Wonder  Thoran revives himself after dying with 75% of his health restored, leaving enemies terrified for three seconds. This can only be used once per battle
 Taint At the start of battle, the enemy with the lowest health is cursed for 25 seconds, meaning they take 75% of the total damage that is dealt to Thoran.


One of the oldest Treants around, Ulmus has resided within the forest for all his life.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Deep Roots Ulmus remains rooted to the ground until the end of battle. While rooted, Ulmus is immune to all control abilities and his normal attack turns into a ranged attack that raises his attack rating by 50%.
 Writhing Roots Ulmus entangles nearby enemies in his roots, causing 130% damage. Enemies that are entangled cannot attack
  Forest’s Oath  Ulmus shields the weakest teammate, mitigating up to 220% of the damage they receive.  The shielded teammate regenerates 4% of their HP already lost per second
Life Torrent  Passive: Restores 4% of Ulmus’ and his nearby teammates’ lost HP per second



Grezhul grew up alongside members of the royal family. He died a tragic death doing his royal duty.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Reanimate 150% damage is dealt to multiple targets. Grezhul then raises an undead skeletal warrior that attacks an enemy
Demonic Assault  100% damage is dealt to an enemy and 15% of the target’s defence rating is stolen to increase his own defence rating
Shadow Shield Grezhul forms a shield around an ally, mitigating up to 200% damage. When the shield is broken it causes 200% damage to nearby enemies and reduces 100 of their energy points
 Deathly Protection  Damage dealt to all allies from intelligence-based enemies is reduced by 20%.


Skreg rides atop his loyal beast, Iron-Jaw, and has some deadly attacks with knock-back effects.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Beast of Burden  Skreg rides his iron-jaw, which uses 60 energy per second, until all of his energy has depleted. During this time he is immune to control abilities and his attack is increased by 50%. Normal attacks will deal damage twice and knockdown enemies
Brute Force Enemies are knocked back into the air. If this attack is successful, a three-stage move which deals 160% damage per attack will be dealt
 Ironskin  Enemies deal less damage the closer they get. Damage received can be reduced by up to 60%
 Stampede Every eight seconds an iron-jaw appears and knocks enemies back, dealing 180% damage


Although he’s a soldier, Hendrik is a softie at heart and finds killing difficult.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Crippling Blow  180% damage is dealt to surrounding enemies, leaving them stunned for one second. Every 10% of Hendrik’s health that is lost will extend the stun effect by 0.2 seconds, which can be extended up to four seconds
 Shield Bash  Hendrik knocks back an enemy and deals 180% damage, also stunning them for 1.5 seconds. The Enemy’s damage is also reduced by 40% for five seconds after the stun effect wears off
  Sacrificial Shield  If a backline teammate receives fatal damage, Hendrik will jump toward them and take all of the damage for ten seconds. He cannot be mind-controlled while protecting teammates. Damage taken while protecting teammates is reduced by 60%. This ability can only be used once per battle
  Standfast  When Hendrik’s health falls below 40% he takes a defensive stance and heals himself by 7% of his max health per second, any damage taken is reduced by 30%. This ability lasts for ten seconds or until 90% of Hendrik’s health is restored. This ability can only be used once per battle



Anoki is the commander of the Blood Guard. Despite being a fierce warrior, he has always lived in his father’s shadow.

Skill Max Level Effect
Savage Stampede  Anoki calls forth a stampede of Iron-jaw beasts that strike three enemies, dealing 50% damage and carrying them backwards. Once the enemies reach the edge of the screen they are sent flying, suffer 160% damage, and are left stunned for two seconds
Raging Stomp Anoki stomps three times, the first two each deal 65% damage, with the final stomp dealing 140% and lowering the enemies haste points by 25 for five seconds. Enemies are also left stunned for 1.5 seconds
 Born To Lead An aura surrounds Anoki for eight seconds. While the aura is present, all allies have their attack ratings increased by 10%,  damage they receive is decreased by 1%, and frequency of their normal attacks is increased by 15%. Melee heroes receive an extra increase of 150% for all of the preceding attributes.
 Horn of War  At the start of battle allies receive a protective shield that lasts for five seconds, which mitigates damage that is equal to 30% of Anoki’s max health


With a short temper and extreme strength, Gorvo is not one to be messed with.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Battle Cry 130% damage is dealt to all enemies and they are forced to target Gorvo with normal attacks for six seconds. 90% of the damage he receives can be deflected back at enemies while this ability is active
Dive Bomb 210% damage is dealt to enemies close enough, this ability also leaves enemies stunned for 2.5 seconds. Gorvo cannot be targeted while using this ability
 Shell Shock Every six seconds the following attack will become a critical strike that deals AoE damage, leaving enemies stunned for three seconds
 Hellspawn Gorvo casts a shield that is equal to 50% of his maximum health which lasts for eight seconds


A cursed being made up of three criminals who were punished for their numerous crimes.

Skill Max Level Effect
Piercing Bones 300% damage is dealt to all enemies and bone spikes protrude from the field for ten seconds, which deal damage once every 0.25 seconds. If an enemy moves within these 0.25 seconds, they will lose 3% of their health
 Bone Prison 350% damage is dealt to an enemy, they’re also knocked backwards. After being knocked, the enemy loses eight haste points for 100 seconds
Seething Death  200% AoE damage is dealt three to enemies, with the final attack leeching 25% health from the final enemy. All enemies hit by this attack are unable to recover nine seconds
  Absorption Torne absorbs the remains of any dead heroes and forms a bone whip. Simultaneously, recovering 40% of his max health. The area for all of Torne’s AoE abilities is increased after this ability is used for the first time



Nara was known for being cruel and violent in life, now she is undead these traits have become even worse.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Butchery 110% damage is dealt to enemy target. This move ignores the target’s defence and invincibility. If the target’s health is below 40%, then the ability’s damage is multiplied by six. If auto battle is being used, this ability will not deal damage to any enemy with health above 40%
 Dismember  leaves a nearby enemy stunned for several seconds and then proceeds to attack them multiple times, inflicting 35% damage per attack. The fifth attack deals damage equal to 35% of the target’s current health
Impale  Nara pulls a target closer, making them bleed, which causes 65% damage per second for eight seconds
Terrify Passive:  Nara’s attackers lose 110 energy each time they deal damage to her

Wu Kong

The king of monkeys, Wu Kong fights for the celestials in their battle against invaders.

Skill Max Level Effect
Cloud Clones Wu Kong disappears after summoning three clones of himself. Clones possess 90% of Wu Kong’s stats, however, they receive 180% damage dealt from enemy attacks
 Bludgeon 220% damage is dealt to enemies. This ability also deals additional damage that is equal to 8% of the targets current health value
 Falling Fury 330% AoE damage is dealt to enemies. Anyone struck will lose 100 haste points for eight seconds
  Foresight Wu Kong will momentarily disappear from the battlefield to evade an attack and summon a cloud clone in his original position to take the damage



Estrilda fights for the honour of her house’s legacy. She is not to be underestimated on the battlefield.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Joust 60% AoE damage is dealt five times, with the final attack dealing 150% damage. Enemies hit get knocked to the ground. Estrilda’s allies recover 60 energy points for every enemy that she defeats in battle
Royal Charge Estrilda charges, causing 220% damage to enemies. Estrilda is immune to control abilities while charging. Every enemy hit provides a shield that mitigates 70% damage
 Inspire   Increases ally’s attack rating by 30% for eight seconds. Estrilda and her allies recover 150 energy
 Ridicule  150% damage is dealt to an enemy, knocking them back. Estrilda then attacks all enemies within her range for 80% damage. All targets hit will receive a damage output reduction of 14% which lasts for six seconds


Khasos was bullied as child due to his size. This treatment made him strive to become a powerful fighter, and as an adult he became an asset to his people.

Skill Max Level Effect
Spinning Obliteration Five war axes are thrown, hitting different enemies and dealing 260% damage to them. Any enemy hit more than once shall only suffer 45% damage after the initial strike
Concentration  Khasos’ normal attack hits multiple enemies when they are near him and his defence rating is increased by 25%. If enemies are far away his attack rating is increased by 20%
Throwing Axe An axe is thrown, 120% damage is dealt to all enemies in its path. If the axe is caught on its return, attack speed is temporarily increased and a portion of his energy will be restored
 Rabid Thirst All allies have their life-leech attributes increased by 18 points. Any ally in the same faction as Khasos will receive an additional ten points


Although he is the saviour of the sea, Seirus also has a close relationship with the Dark Forest’s inhabitants.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Abhorrent Torrent Several waves surge forward dealing 80% damage per wave. Each wave knocks enemies back and stuns them
Deluge  Large columns of water erupt at the nearest three enemies’ feet, causing 140% AoE damage
Ocean’s Blessing  The following three normal attacks will have a larger area of effect and deal 220% damage per normal attack
 Free Flow  Damage received that is less than 10% of Seirus’ maximum health is reduced by 50%



A renowned fighter than can deal large amounts of AoE damage to foes.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Phase Form Creates a phased version of Saurus which deals 85% of his damage value and copies his abilities for nine seconds. In this form a shield is created that mitigates 700% of damage received
 War Strike  200% AoE damage is dealt to enemies, after which Saurus deals a further 280% damage to the nearest target, causing them to become stunned for three seconds
 Burst Strikes  110% AoE damage is dealt four times to all enemies within attack range
 Tenacity  If ‘War Strike’ or ‘Burst Strikes’ are used without interruption, everyone’s attack rating is increased by 10% and defence rating is increased by 25%.


Ukyo is the first crossover hero with SNK. You may recognise him from Samurai Showdown.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Hientorajin Ten swift attacks deal 90% AoE damage per attack, with the final striking enemies into the air. Ukyo is immune to all damage while using this ability
Snowfall Slash 85% AoE damage is dealt seven times, interrupting enemy attacks. Ukyo is immune to all frontal attacks while using this ability
 Phantom Strike Ukyo leaps towards an enemy attacking three times, dealing 200% damage per attack, stunning them for 3 seconds
 Swallow Swipe 290% AoE damage is dealt to nearby enemies. 60% of the damage caused by this ability is recovered as Ukyo’s health


This butch hero is the most formidable fighting force of all the bear folk.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Bloodlust A multi-strike attack that deals 80% damage to enemies. Warek cannot be controlled when using this ability and damage received is reduced by 80%
  Bonebreaker  The weakest target is dealt 180% damage, reducing their defence rating and stunning them
 Extricate  Removes all abilities that are negatively affecting Warek. A shield is formed that mitigates 350% of the damage inflicted upon him
Wrath  Passive: each successful attack raises his damage by 4%. This ability can be stacked up to 12 times and allows Warek to regenerate energy once fully stacked


Zolrath strives for pain and desolation. He is known as The Voidbringer.

Skill Max Level Effect
Time Rift  200 energy is used to open a time rift. While in the rift, he will continuously lose 120 energy points per second while recovering 9% of his max health. Zolrath will reappear from the time rift and attack the weakest enemy for 380% damage
 Doppelganger  Zolrath and his future self deal 50% damage multiple times. The final two attacks deal 250% damage each to any enemy in his path
  Annihilation  After 45 seconds Zolrath deals a three-stage attack for 230% damage per attack. Zolrath’s first two attacks knock-back enemies, with the final attack temporarily stunning. Zolrath’s attack rating increases by 1% per second untill it reaches 70%
 Déjà vu  When Zolrath is almost dead and all other allies are already dead, he will turn back time, causing the battle to be go back to the beginning. Zolrath’s haste will be increased by 40 points for the first 12 seconds. This can only be used once



Although she’s a ruthless fighter, Antandra is always willing to help out those in need.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Fury Strike A multi-strike attack with a final blow that knocks back enemies dealing 330% damage. Raises health restoration by 100% for seven seconds
 Mark of the Wild  330% damage is dealt to an enemy, leaving them marked for nine seconds. While marked, Antandra receives 30% of any damage the enemy receives as health
  Piercing Assault Deals 330% Aoe damage. Cannot be dodged or interrupted
Knockdown Knocks over enemies and inflicts 250% damage. Antandra will recover 35% of her max health for every enemy knocked down


An undead being with undying will and a great sense of humanity.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Phantom Assassin Two shadow phantoms are summoned that posses 90% of Baden’s health and attack rating. They use all of Baden’s abilities except for his ultimate ability and take 130% damage when attacked
  Phantom Strike  Baden summons a phantom that lasts for six seconds which deals 200% damage to an enemy. It possesses 80% of Baden’s health and attack rating and takes 220% damage when hit. It can only use normal attacks
 Spectral Onslaught A three-stage attack with each hit dealing 150% damage. Damage dealt to enemies will be increased by 10% for seven seconds
Spectral Surge  Attack rating is increased by 5% and damage taken is mitigated by 20% for every phantom on the field


Though he was once a decorated soldier, after being wounded in battle, Izold was turned into a monster.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Toxic Transfusion Restores 50% of the health he has already lost while also increasing haste by 20 points and attack rating by 35% for 18 seconds
 Noxious Blast An explosion occurs every six seconds, dealing 340% AoE damage, leaving enemies stunned for three seconds
 Needle Strike Stuns and knocks an enemy backwards, dealing 340% damage
  Hypodermic Healing Restores 20% of health already lost per second for eight seconds


Rigby has three great loves in his life: brewing, eating, and drinking.

Skill Max Level Effect
 Barrel Bomb 150% damage is dealt to one target, followed up by 300% AoE damage to nearby enemies. Enemies hit are set alight for eight seconds and take 30% damage per second
 Fire Breath  180% AoE damage is dealt, lowering the accuracy of those hit by 30 points for seven seconds
  Drunken Frenzy  Reduces damage taken by 30%, increases haste by 15 points, and increases crit rating by 30%
 Well Rested  After the effects of ‘Drunken Frenzy’ wear off, Rigby will recover 80% of his max health per second for five seconds

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