Persona 5 Royal is coming to Alchemy Stars on July 14

There’s an Alchemy Stars and Persona 5 Royal crossover on the way, bringing characters from Atlus’ revered RPG to the popular strategy title on mobile

Persona 5 Royal characters superimposed onto art from Alchemy Stars.

Alchemy Stars, the hit mobile strategy RPG, is getting characters from Persona 5 Royal in an upcoming crossover event starting this July. Developed by TourDog Studios, the game already has a wide cast of characters, but will soon see the arrival of the Phantom Thieves under mysterious circumstances. You’ll have to play through the story to find out why.

Alchemy Stars is a blend of classic role-playing game mechanics with tactical battles and gacha character collection. There’s a story of light and dark colliding, of peace being broken by strange creatures from the dark. It will be interesting to see how Joker, Fox, Queen, Violet, and Mona will arrive in this Alchemy Stars Persona 5 Royal crossover.

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You can check out the character graphic below.The Alchemy Stars and Persona 5 Royal logos next to each other for a crossover event, promising a heist under a mount night, with various characters in the background.

When is the Alchemy Stars Persona 5 Royal crossover?

The Alchemy Stars Persona 5 Royal crossover event will start on July 14 and end on August 3. It’s not too long until you can join the Phantom Thieves in this mobile RPG.

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