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Alchemy Stars tier list and how to reroll

Check out our Alchemy Stars tier list to find out if your favorite character is viable. We've ranked all four elements, and told you how to reroll.

Alchemy Stars tier list: Fleur with some bread

Alchemy Stars boasts a huge roster of characters with unique personalities and elemental skills to utilize. Selecting your team can feel like a daunting task, as sometimes your favorite character may not be the best choice to take into an epic boss fight. Luckily, with help from our Alchemy Stars tier list, you will soon know exactly which characters to use in every situation. It’s worth noting that rankings are likely to change frequently with any balance updates and new characters, so make sure you check back here frequently to stay in the know. We have also included detailed instructions on how to perform an Alchemy Stars reroll down below.

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Without any further delay, let’s get into our Alchemy Stars tier list and Alchemy Stars reroll instructions.

Alchemy Stars tier list: Maggie's splash art outlined in white and pasted on a blurred Alchemy Stars wallpaper.

Fire Alchemy Stars characters

Tier Alchemy Stars character
S Benny & Curo (MBT) ,Brock (N), Carleen: SS (BT3), Charon, Eicy, Faust, Frostfire, Giles (N), Gram, Hati, Hati (BT3), Istvan (BT2), Jakine (T),  Joanie Boom (N), JOKER, Jona (BT3), Leona (T), Lilica (T), Liqing, Lorelei (BT3), Maggie (MBT), Matthieu, Mia: LS, Mia: LS (BT3), Nails (N), Novio, Regina, Rinne (BT3), Sinsa, Smokey, Tohru, Victoria, Uriel (BT3), Uriel (MBT), Zhong Xu (N)
A Barbara, Benny & Curo, Benny and Curo (BT2), Chandra (N), Frostfire (MBT), Jona, Lorelei, Maggie (BT2), Momo & Anzu, Nails, Rouge, Smokey (BT3), Taki, Taki (MBT), Tiny One
B Alice, Cordy, Genevieve, Istvan, Maggie, Patty & Patsy, Rinne, Smokey,  Uriel, VIOLET
C Chandra, Joanie, Pepi
D Chainsaw Rick, Joanie Boom, Sork & Bekk

Alchemy Stars tier list: Hiiro's splash art outlined in white and pasted on a blurred Alchemy Stars wallpaper.

Forest Alchemy Stars characters

Tier Alchemy Stars character
S Antony (BT3), Areia (T), Areia (BT2), Barton: DB (N), Beryl (T), Brandy, Cuscuta, Gabriel (BT3), Goldie (T), Hedy (BT3), Hedy (MBT), Hiiro, Hiiro (BT3), Jeno, Jeriah (T), Joshua, Leo, Lenore, Louise (BT2), Lucoa (T), Migard, Minos (T), Mythos, Nikinis, Naroxel (BT2), Odi (N), Pact, Paloma, Robyn, Sikare (MBT), Siobhan (BT3)
A Anatoli, Antony, Beryl, Casta, Hedy, Lola, Lucoa, May (T), MONA, Naroxel, Ophina (N), Pasolo, Sikare (BT2), Siobhan, Uriah, Wendy, Yao
B Dawn, Gabriel, Joselyne, Louise, Sikare, Sylva
C Clover, Dove, Jola, Lester
S Jomu, Leah

Alchemy Stars tier list: Michael's splash art outlined in white and pasted on a blurred Alchemy Stars wallpaper.

Thunder Alchemy Stars characters

Tier Alchemy Stars character
S Amemori, Axelia (T), Beverly, Ciel, Eve (BT3), Florine, Florine (BT3), Gronru, Irridon, Irridon (MBT), Leyn (BT3), Luke, Michael, Michael (MBT), Nemesis (MBT), Pollux (BT3), QUEEN, Reinhardt, Reinhardt (BT3), Requiem, Revy, Roy (BT2), Schwartz (MBT), Tessa (T), Wrath, Wrath: PF, Yingel (BT3)
A Bopper, Dayna, Erica (N), Eve, Hachi & Gin, Keating (N), Kya, Leyn, Mia (N), Nadine, Nemesis (BT2), Pittman, Pollux, Roy, Sadie, Sanae, Schwartz, Tessa, Vivian (MBT), Yingel
B Amy, Kafka, Kanna, Nemesis, Rabbie, Unimet, Vivian
C Ansia, Bonacie, Eho, Lilliam, Mia
D Angel

Alchemy Stars tier list: Kleken's splash art outlined in white and pasted on a blurred Alchemy Stars wallpaper.

Water Alchemy Stars characters

Tier Alchemy Stars character
S Azure, Barton (MBT), Bethel (T), Bethlehem (BT3), Blanc: PC (BT2), Carleen (BT3), Carleen (MBT), Cena, Chloe, Connolly, Corax (MBT), Fia, Fia (MBT), Fleur, FOX, Hydrad (BT2), Kleken, Mu Yuebai (BT3), Nina (BT3), Noah (BT2), Philyshy, Raphael (BT3), Regal, Ruby (BT3), Sariel, Schwartz: AC (BT3), Sharona, Tina (BT3), Tina (MBT), Vice, Vice: KS
A Allura, Barton (BT2), Beretta, Bethlehem, Carleen, Corax, Jane (N), Kristen, Ms. Blanc, Raphael, Ruby, Vic
B  Barton, Blanc: PC, Connolly, Elma, Hydrad, Kuma & Pengy, Noah, Rainbow, Tina, Zoya
C Constantine, Fafnir, Jane, Kayano, Michenny, Tweety
D Korgon, Seleucid, White Dwarf

Alchemy Stars tier list: Art of an Alchemy Stars character wearing a white suit sat at a table.

How to perform an Alchemy Stars reroll

If you’re unhappy with your current Alchemy Stars characters, you may want to perform a reroll to get some new ones. Here’s everything you need to know about the process.

  • Open Alchemy Stars
  • Proceed through the tutorial and roll for characters after level 1-4
  • If you don’t get the character you want, return to the start screen and press the logout button
  • You can then sign in again with a new email address, Facebook, or Twitter account
  • Repeat the steps above until you get a good team

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