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New Android feature shows Apple and Google working together

The new Android AirTag security notification seems to be going live for some users, showing the safety benefits of Apple and Google’s most recent partnership.

Android AirTag header showing an AirTag -- a white circle like a button - in the middle flanked by two phones on a white background. On the left is a Google Pixel 7n Pro, a greenish beige phone with a gold bar at the top for its cameras. On the right is the front of an iPhone, showing a red and blue abstract background behind various App icons.

Apple and Google are natural competitors, so when the two announced they were working together on something, it raised some eyebrows. Their collaboration, an Android AirTag security feature to notify users of tags traveling with them, looks like it’s now rolling out. While we usually pit iPhone vs. Android, this teamwork can help prevent any untoward behavior with Apple’s tracking tech, no matter which side of the fence you’re on.

As reported by Android Police, Android’s unknown tracker notifications went live on a Pixel phone running the Android 14 Beta used by one of their tipsters. These notifications alert you with some concise words: “Tracker traveling with you. Unknown Apple AirTag detected. The owner of this tracker can see its location.”

You can then get more information, play a sound on the tracker if it’s hidden somewhere near you, and get some tips to ensure you’re safe. It lets you know that changing any settings on the phone won’t solve the issue, while giving you advice on what to do once you find the tracker, like contacting local law enforcement if you think you’re unsafe.

All this comes after Apple’s AirTags rose in popularity, and news stories cropped up of people using them for stalking and other dangerous aims. It’s great to see the industry working together to ensure users’ safety.

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