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Whale I never, Animal Crossing is coming to Seattle Aquarium

Yes, that’s right, a surprise Animal Crossing event is taking over Seattle’s aquarium this fall, where Blathers lays down some fishy facts.

Animal Crossing aquarium event: three characters looking at a big display

Animal Crossing is back! Sort of – as long as you’re in Seattle. There’s an Animal Crossing event happening at the Seattle Aquarium this fall. Look, I’m just going to say it – Nintendo left Animal Crossing: New Horizons behind, so I’m wondering what this new event may entail. Probably nothing, but let me hope.

The Seattle Aquarium partners with Nintendo to bring the Critter Crossover event to the real world, bringing some of our fave characters to life – though not as many as you can get with the Animal Crossing amiibo cards.

The event begins on October 7 and encourages guests to immerse themself in education about the world’s marine life, while also snapping photos with some villagers from Animal Crossing. Patrons can come ‘face to face’ with adorable animals like otters, octopi, and seals, along with plenty of fish. No, I’m not jealous, what makes you say that?

During the event, on top of photo opportunities, you can learn fun marine facts with descriptions provided by Blathers, the owl himself. There’s also a scavenger hunt that you can play via your smart device.

That’s not all, the aquarium says, as the event runs until December 31, 2023, and there’s plenty more coming. Turns out that this is a rerun of an event held at Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Aquarium a couple of years ago, so there’s hope for other aquariums to host it in the future, too.

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If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sulk because I don’t live near Seattle and can’t take part. Maybe I’ll give more bugs to Blathers to make him think about what he’s done, and pester London Aquarium to host this cute event.

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