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The best games like Animal Crossing on Switch and mobile

Looking for a cosy, tranquil game like Animal Crossing? Here are the best games on Switch and mobile that will have you Tom (N)hooked.

A Cozy Grove character thinking about going fishing

Our best games like Animal Crossing list is populated with similar gameplay experiences. The charm of Animal Crossing is one of simplistic gameplay, friendly interactions, and achievements across a variety of peaceful skills. If putting your feet up and enjoying some peace and quiet is your kind of thing, then this list of the best games like Animal Crossing on mobile and Switch is for you.

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Now, let’s get into our list of games like Animal Crossing on Switch and mobile!

games like Animal Crossing Disney Dreamlight valley: a town center bustling with activity

Disney Dreamlight Valley – Switch

Disney Dreamlight Valley brings together some great aspects; it’s got a house to furnish, crops to plant, a town to revamp, and friends to make! Best of all, it’s filled with our favorite Disney characters. Dreamlight Valley continuously gets updates adding more characters and content, so you won’t run out of things to do.

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Cult of the Lamb – Switch

Okay, look, I can explain. Do you remember Aika village, the horror-themed Animal Crossing New Leaf town? And plenty of other spooky and strange islands in New Horizons? Well, Cult of the Lamb is like that, but with some combat and murder thrown in. Sorry… I meant sacrifice. 

Look at those little critters, aren’t they adorable? You can fill your cult with any number of animals to follow your religion while building houses and amenities for them and decorating your space. Sure, you have to collect bones and fight demonic beings but its all so cute!

Harvest Land – mobile

Looking for a chill game to keep you busy while on the go? Then look no further than Harvest Land. This cozy little mobile game invites you to build your very own village full of cute homes, adorable animals, and more. Like Animal Crossing, there are also some secrets to uncover as you explore, too!

Harvest Land combines elements of city builder and farm game, allowing you to cultivate a variety of crops, raise sweet animals such as chickens, pigs, and cows, and construct useful facilities such as sawmills, mines, and more – all from the palm of your hand. Play Harvest Land for free.

games like Animal Crossing Story of Seasons: some round cows in a barn

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town – Switch

The Story of Seasons franchise has plenty of entries, but Pioneers of Olive Town on the Switch is one of the best. Become a farmer and build the farm of your dreams – filled with adorable round cows – and participate in the town’s events.

The game has two difficulty modes, too, and the Sapling setting offers an even more relaxed time for those truly wanting to chill out.

games like Animal Crossing Pocket Love: A look inside a house

Pocket Love – mobile

Available on iOS and Android is HyperBeard’s Pocket Love, a cute little game where you (and your lil chibi partner) can decorate and build up a house, and earn money through minigames.

Each day the store refreshes its offerings, and there are freebies to get every so often. We recommend this game for its decoration aspects!

games like Animal Crossing ooblets: a bunch of Ooblets farming in a garden

Ooblets – Switch

Ooblets on the surface is a creature collection game, but there is much more to it. You can farm, explore new areas, build relationships with local townsfolk, and enter into many dance battles against wild Ooblets and other people to win items, or get that Ooblet on your team.

Mainly, though, you’ll be taking part in dance battles to win new Ooblet seeds, and growing your collection of friends. The game has relaxing vibes and cute things in it, which scratches the Animal Crossing itch for players.

A farmer standing next to his crops

Stardew Valley – Switch and mobile

Another great game for relaxing after a hard day (or just at any moment) is with indie sim, Stardew Valley, from the developer, ConcernedApe. The focus of this game is cultivating your farm while embarking on quests, planting crops, raising animals, and foraging across the map.

It’s a 2D game and the mechanics are simple, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to do. The pace is luxurious and the day/night cycle plays out alongside the hours you put into the game, leaving the way you schedule your life up to you.

A Cozy Grove character thinking about going fishing

Cozy Grove – Switch and mobile

Next, we’ve got Cozy Grove. Another life sim with a likeness to Animal Crossing. In this title you find yourself camping out on a haunted island. While the premise might sound a little spooky, the gameplay and aesthetics are as cozy as the name suggests. You’re a spirit scout, who finds and befriends local ghosts, exploring the surrounding forest, and crafting with items you find along the way. Blissful.

Make sure you check out our Cozy Grove review to hear our full thoughts and keep your eyes peeled for news on the Cozy Grove 2 release date later this year.

Sims characters having a party

The Sims Mobile – mobile

The Sims is one of the original world-building, friendship-creating, item-gathering games that set the stage for many like it. While it’s much more humanistic in nature with job roles and family raising, the pace is one that is dictated by you, the player.

Now that Sims is on mobile, you can play it on the go, huzzah! You won’t be forming friendships with animal villagers, but there are neighbors to chat with and home decor to get creative with. A true classic of the life sim genre. We also have a great list of games like The Sims for you to check out.

That’s it for our list of the best games like Animal Crossing on Switch and mobile. If none of those takes your fancy, go ahead and browse our list of the best RPGs on Switch and mobile.