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Players and devs alike recreate the Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience

Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of… disappointment. You’ll have a better time recreating the Wonka experience in your favorite games.

Wonka Experience ACNH - Tom Nook wearing a purple hat while sat at a desk

We’ve all seen it by now – the farce that is the Willy’s Chocolate Experience – more colloquially known as the Glasgow Wonka experience. Leaving parents irate and children in tears, the ‘event’ took place recently and has set the internet alight with memes and recreations.

It’s a fantastic rabbit hole to get into, by the way – not only are there players and game developers getting involved left, right, and center, but there’s more information coming out from the cast every day.

Springloaded, the developer behind the excellent sandbox game Let’s Build A Zoo, took to Twitter to question how they made a better experience than the event itself – complete with a Kat Coffee shop, which could be what the ‘catgacating’ is from the real experience’s website.

There’s also ‘exarserdray lollipops’ listed as an attraction, and we believe that Twitter user Haztecamarera’s faithful recreation in Animal Crossing: New Horizons brings that to life, more than the actual experience does, for sure.

Here’s what we’re talking about, if you’ve made it this far and are utterly confused – the official website for the experience is slathered in AI-generated pictures which have very few real words and a lot of confusing gobbledegook. Let’s be honest, it does sound like things Roald Dahl could have come up with. However, no, it’s an AI nightmare.

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The villain of the piece, a humanoid creature called The Unknown, has been spotted in Persona 3 Reload, while others liken the entire attraction to Mr Krabs’ cheap attempt at a theme park. You know, I kind of wish Krabby Land featured in a Spongebob game.

We’re banking on a Roblox version of the experience popping up any minute now, and you can be sure we’ll have codes ready to go at the drop of a hat. In the meantime, why not try recreating it yourself in one of these city builder games?