Three giant Roblox games disappear in potential DMCA battle

Huge anime games are now private and removed from the platform amongst rumors of DMCAs stemming from a Gamefam and Crunchy Roll collaboration.

Anime adventures DMCA - key artwork from the Roblox game showing a man wearing red

The Roblox community faces a bump in the road today as three huge anime games allegedly face a DMCA and disappear off the platform. The three games affected are Anime Adventures by Gomu, Anime Fighting Simulator X, and Anime Fighting Simulator – both by BlockZone.

According to information on Twitter, Roblox publisher and producer Gamefam Studios has sent DMCA requests to these three games, causing them to disappear from searches, and appear as ‘under review’ or private experiences. Now, this is all alleged, there’s currently no proof as developers of the affected games haven’t confirmed or commented on the situation themselves.

Gamefam Studios is the name behind Sonic Speed Simulator and My Hero Academia Battlegrounds – an official game made with Crunchyroll. This is very coincidental considering the three very popular experiences that are now gone all use MHA assets. This is what led to the assumption of the DMCA getting sent from the studio now in control of an official MHA game.

The kicker is that Gamefam’s official My Hero Academia game appears first in the search for relevant games on Roblox – despite having a low rating and only a handful of players. To put this in context, Anime Adventures has over 1.9 billion visits. Currently, the game is still first in the search, even with its paid access and now 16% – at the time of writing – rating.

Some developers took to Twitter to issue warnings, giving a heads-up that creators only get 24 hours to change all affected assets in the game.

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This brings in some questions about the future of other Roblox experiences and whether the three affected games will come back to the platform. I’m no lawyer and am not up to date with copyright laws, but it does seem that using official assets crosses a line – however, the sheer number of Roblox games that do this would put enormous strain on anyone trying to combat it.

While we wait to see whether BlockZone and Gomu’s games re-surface, you can grab some codes for other – still live – games. Here are all the Blade Ball codes and Blox Fruits codes for some in-game freebies.