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Anime Battle Simulator codes

Explore your inner Goku, Naruto, or even Deku and experience some great anime-themed gaming with friends, thanks to our Anime Battle Simulator code guide

Anime battle simulator codes: A character based on a ninja from Naruto stands menacingly

October 28, 2022 We checked for new Anime Battle Simulator codes

We all love Roblox, and one of the most exciting elements is seeing fans create things based on so many of the shows they love. Well, you don’t get much more popular than anime, and Anime Battle Simulator is a great mashup of many beloved properties that you can share with your friends. Summon spirits based on characters from Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, Naruto, and more.

If you’re just diving in, you’re probably interested in some Anime Battle Simulator codes to help you get the most out of the experience. Grab some extra credits, unlock new skins, and power up the many playable characters with some great in-game currency. We’ve been scouring the internet to find some codes for you, and we’ll regularly update this guide, so give us a cheeky bookmark and come back for more.

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Anime Battle Simulator codes

Active codes

  • mightyone – 30 minutes x2 unlock speed
  • deathgems1 – free gems
  • loadingfix – free gems
  • update2 – 30 minutes x1.5 yen
  • K4K4R0T – free rolls

Expired codes

  • SecondChance – reset skills points
  • resetstats – reset your stats
  • RyusBday – fifteen summons and various free items
  • SummonMaster – extra summons
  • IchirakuRamen – free items
  • EarlyBird – five rerolls + 50k credits
  • UseCodeDessi – 30 minutes 1.5 yen boost + 500 gems
  • luckyhatch – 2x luck boost for prisms
  • resetpts1 – reset skills points
  • gemboostme – 1.5 gem boost for 30 minutes
  • L00tcrateParty – three rerolls + six lootcrates of varying tiers

What are Anime Battle Simulator codes?

Anime Battle Simulator codes can help you grab more in-game loot, as well as the summons you need to unlock new characters. If you want to level up quickly and build a powerful team, we recommend bookmarking this page and checking back regularly for more codes.

How do I redeem Anime Battle Simulator codes?

  • Find the character based on Yamcha from Dragon Ball Z (google him if you need to)
  • The character has a Twitter icon above their head and is known in-game as Yamcha
  • Press V to talk to Yamcha, and redeem each code by entering them separately in the text box.
  • Press enter to redeem each code

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