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The Another Eden x Tales of Arise crossover is here for the holidays

Fans of Another Eden and the Tales of franchise will jump for joy as these two games have announced a crossover for late December - just in time for Christmas

Another Eden x Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Arise: Alphen and Shionne from Tales of Arise stood either side of Arlo from Another Eden in front of a silhouette of a tree.

Mobile RPG fans can rejoice today as the developers have announced an Another Eden x Tales of Arise and Tales of Symphonia crossover event. The event starts on December 20 and runs until January 11, 2023, allowing you to permanently unlock crossover characters for your roster. 

The event, called Symphony: Crown of the Pale Dawn, is the first time that Tales of Arise protagonists Alphen and Shionne are playable outside of their original game. Much like last year’s Another Eden x Chrono Cross crossover, this collaboration is linked to the upcoming release of Tales of Symphonia Remastered in February 2023. To celebrate, Lloyd and Collete will also join the fight for the event.

All you have to do to unlock the characters forever is complete the collaboration chapter. This event also brings back Mystic Artes from a previous crossover, and new features inspired by Tales of Arise and Tales of Symphonia.

Production I.G, the legendary team behind Neon Genesis Evangelion and Attack on Titan, have animated a beautiful trailer, with a new soundtrack from Tales of Arise’s theme composer Kanaku Pierot. Give it a watch below:

YouTube Thumbnail

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