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Apple might already be working on A19 iPhone chip for 2025

Apple’s A19 Bionic chip is likely years away, but a recent leak suggests that the tech giant is already working on its 2025 iPhone SoC, alongside M5 for Mac.

Apple A19 Bionic header showing a purple diagram of a system on a chip, with A19 in the top right corner, on a black background.

We haven’t even reached the iPhone 15 release date and already folks are looking far into the future. Well, by folks, I mean Apple, who might already be working on the iPhone 17’s chip, unbelievably. While little else is known about Apple’s A19 chip, it’s also in the works alongside the M5 Mac chip. For reference, we haven’t even heard about Apple’s M3 chip yet, publicly at least.

As reported by Wccftech, Twitter user _orangera1n shared this recently, with a list of confusing codes in a list – all of which they explain in the thread below. Of course, this is a rumor, but it’s not exactly unbelievable that Apple is already working on its future chipsets – even it if is very far in the future.

More interestingly, this could suggest Apple is wrapping up the A18 and M4 production – even though the company has shared nothing publicly about the A17 or M3. It’s wild to think about all the different aspects of Apple’s production process is currently years in the future, and how much “new” tech the company launches was actually finalized years prior.

As always, don’t take this as gospel – but it’s pretty harmless, too. If Apple is working on a new chip, good for them! It won’t affect us for a couple of years, either way.

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