Best Verizon phone deals 2023

We’ve rounded up all the best Verizon phone deals, so you can dive into this sterling provider knowing you’re getting a good price with your 5G speeds.

Best Verizon phone deals header showing a Samsung Galaxy S23 twice, once facing us, once screen down, all on a purple background. The phone is white, with its back showing three cameras, and its screen is also white with a Verizon logo on it.

Verizon is the second-largest network provider in the US, so unless you want to go one higher and grab some of the best AT&T phones, you’ve come to the right place. The best Verizon phone deals are pretty tempting, given the network has 70% of the country covered by 4G. It’s one of the best, if not the best network provider to pick if signal no matter where you go is a must.

Though 5G access only covers around 13% of the US, when you do get it, it gives you a good dose of extra speed. While the best T-mobile phones offer more access to 5G around the world, Verizon still comes out top for overall coverage. So, in spite of its fledgling 5G, Verizon is a good place to go. And we’ve picked out the best deals available now.

Here are the best Verizon phone deals:

One of the best Verizon phone deals, Samsung Galaxy S23 review shot showing the Samsung Galaxy S23, in Lavender, flat on a table showing the Home Screen.

1. Samsung Galaxy S23

You can get the Samsung Galaxy S23 for free with trade-in deals.

Samsung Galaxy S23 specs:

Display 6.1-inch 120Hz AMOLED (1080 x 2340)
Chipset Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 (for Galaxy)
Battery Li-Ion 3900 mAh
Storage 128GB/256GB
Dimensions 146.3 x 70.9 x 7.6 mm

This deal from Verizon lets you get the Samsung Galaxy S23 for free with certain trade-ins, and it’s really quite generous. Any mainline iPhone from the iPhone 11 is eligible, getting you $800 off, i.e. the full handset for free. A budget handset can still get you good money, too, with the Samsung Galaxy A01, normally less than $200 new, can get you $400 off with this deal.

It’s a great handset to pick up, too, with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip for Galaxy, an overclocked version of the top-end Android chip. Combine this with its unbeatable OLED screen, pocketable form factor, and best-in-class cameras, it’s an excellent pick.

Read our Samsung Galaxy S23 review to learn more.

One of the best Verizon phone deals, an iPhone 14 Pro, showing three different screens -- a woman on the left, the Home Screen in the centre, and an article on the right.

2. iPhone 14 Pro

You can get Apple’s best iPhone for free with certain trade-ins.

iPhone 14 Pro Max specs:

Chipset Apple A16 Bionic
Display 6.1-inch 120Hz OLED (1179 x 2556)
Storage 128GB-1TB
Battery Li-Ion 3200 mAh

Verizon offers an excellent deal for any Apple lovers looking for the best of the best. The iPhone 14 Pro is as good as it gets in the mobile market, with the unbeatable A16 Bionic chip, a big and beautiful screen, and an incredibly competitive camera. Combine this with Dynamic Island, a feature unique to iPhone, and you’re in for a good time.

The deal is the same as the Samsung one, with $800 off when you trade in an iPhone 11 or similar, $400 for lower-end tech, but the full price of the handset with something slightly more luxurious – only slightly, mind you, as you can get a full $1000 for an iPhone 11 Pro. Be sure to check your device is eligible and how much you can get for it before diving in.

One of the best Verizon phone deals, the Google Pixel Fold, on a plain white background. It's shown in three configurations. On the left, folded and on its front, showing the camera line and its black frame. On the right, folded but with its front screen showing the home apps, and in the middle the unfolded, massive tablet-style screen, with various apps and widgets on the Home Screen.

3.  Google Pixel Fold

Save $1,000 on Google’s new foldable phone.

Google Pixel Fold specs:

Display 7.6-inch 120Hz foldable OLED (1840 x 2208)
5.8-inch 120Hz cover OLED (1080 x 2208)
Battery Li-Po 4821 mAh
Chipset Google Tensor G2
Storage 256/512GB

If you’re in the market for one of the best foldable phones, Verizon has a great deal on Google’s offering. While it’s the company’s first step into the foldable market, it’s a very good one, with a neat hinge, great ergonomics, and an overall tidy little package. While the Tensor G2 isn’t the most competitive, it’s more than enough for this phone.

One of the best things about the Google Pixel Fold is its outer display, something many find more useable than Samsung’s tablet-style foldable, thanks to it being shorter and wider, rather than long and thin like the Z Fold. The trade-in deals are the same as with other devices, ranging all the way up to $1,000 depending on what you trade-in. Lovely.

Best Verizon phone deals header showing two hands on a white background holding an iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus aloft. On the right is the bigger one, the plus, in blue, facing forward, with a blue and red abstract background on its screen and widgets below the time at the top. On the left is the smaller one, also in blue, with back facing us. It has the Apple logo centred, and a square camera bump in the top left corner with two cameras diagonally opposite within the square.

4. iPhone 14 Plus

Get unlimited data for $5 a month with Apple’s budget flagship.

iPhone 14 specs:

Chipset Apple A15 Bionic
Display 6.7‑inch 60Hz all‑screen OLED display (1284 x 2778)
Storage 128GB – 512GB
Battery Li-Ion 4323 mAh

‘Budget flagship’ is a bit of an oxymoron, but if you want flagship performance without breaking the $1,000, that’s where you want to look. Think Google Pixel 7 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S23+, or, of course, the iPhone 14 Plus. The latter is a good pick with Verizon, as any 5G Unlimited plan can get you this ace handset for just $5 a month.

The iPhone 14 Plus is Apple’s newest addition to its lineup, following the failure of the iPhone 13 mini. It does what it says on the tin: it gives you an iPhone 14, but bigger. With an ace chipset, big and lovely screen, and all the Apple goodness you could possibly need, it’s a great choice for Cupertino cowboys. Oh, and it has an absolutely stellar battery life, too.

How we pick the best Verizon phone deals

Choosing the best deals from Verizon is super simple. We check out the handsets, from the likes of the best Samsung phones and the best 5G phones, and then look at the deals on offer from the US telecom giant. Where there’s cash to be saved, that’s what we’re looking for.

Thanks to our years of experience testing out mobile phones, we know a good handset when we see it. Plus, trade-in deals are becoming a massive part of everyone’s smartphone cycle, so we make sure to mention when Verizon is paying over and above for an old piece of kit.

You can check out how we test to get more of an idea of our smartphone expertise, but when it comes to the best deals, it’s all about the numbers. 

For more beyond the best Verizon phone deals, check out our guides to the best gaming iPhone, the best iPad, or the best flip phones to find some cutting-edge tech.