Apple’s loop case patent could Switch things up for iPhone, iPad

A quick look at Apple’s loop case patent shows the company experimenting with iPhone and iPad housing that doubles as a stand, sort of like a Nintendo Switch.

Apple loop case patent design drawings showing an iPad with a tube casing around the edge, stood up on a stand.

A new patent is never anything to take as gospel – especially with Apple, which constantly patents stuff – but this one is super cool. Apple’s loop case patent seems to drastically change the ergonomics and functionality of iPad and iPhone, with a modular tube design running around the edge of the device, likely making Apple Arcade an easier playing proposition.

As reported by AppleInsider, this new patent is for a casing that attaches on one side of the device only, with the tube that runs around the edge having different hinge points. This means it can double as a stand, with an almost toyetic modularity that would assumedly give a lot of other formulations.

The patent also describes how the case could house other components, like a battery or camera. As AppleInsider considers, this means that the casing could be incorporated into an iPad’s core design – rather than just being an accessory. This could make the iPad chassis smaller and thinner in the process, with the case holding the camera or battery, though it would be a radical step away from the usual Apple design philosophy.

You can get a look at the patent designs below. We’ve also got an iPad 10th gen review if you fancy jumping in on the newest iPad overhaul.

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