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Ayaneo’s Pocket DMG handheld is a unique take on the Game Boy design

We finally have more information about the Ayaneo Pocket DMG, the Game Boy-style retro handheld looking to become the new market leader.

Ayaneo Pocket DMG release date: The black render of the Pocket DMG outlined in white and pasted on a bright orange PT background

It looks like the Ayaneo Pocket DMG will give the Analogue Pocket a run for its money, as the Chinese tech company revealed more details about its first vertical retro handheld. The Pocket DMG has a similar design to other Game Boy-style devices on the market, but one small difference is dividing retro hardware enthusiasts online.

Yesterday, Ayaneo unveiled more details of its Remake Concept line, including a closer look at the Ayaneo Pocket DMG. The retro handheld is the company’s first foray into vertical devices, modeled after the classic Game Boy layout favored by many of its competitors in the market. Unlike the bulky original console though, Ayaneo says that the Pocket DMG is designed for an “unprecedented comfortable grip and lasting playability” for long handheld gaming sessions.

The Pocket DMG boasts a 3.92″ 1240×1080 OLED screen with 419 PPI – larger than competitors like the Analogue Pocket – which the company claims is “setting a new standard for vertical handheld screens.” It also makes use of the Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 chipset, which debuted in Ayaneo’s Pocket S handheld and is specifically designed to get the most out of handheld gaming hardware.

A lot of retro handhelds like the Retroid Pocket range and those from Anbernic come equipped with a dual joystick setup, but the Pocket DMG breaks away from the trend, using a combination of a left joystick and a touchpad. It’s certainly a unique feature, but many are skeptical of the design choice. Some worry that it will get caught on clothing, taking away from the device’s portability, whereas others think the addition of a touchpad will unnecessarily increase the asking price.

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Regardless, we’re excited to learn more about the Pocket DMG and the rest of the Remake Concept line like the Ayaneo Pocket Micro. We’ll make sure to update this piece when we learn more about the device’s release date and pricing.

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