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Backbone announces a limited edition Death Stranding controller

The Backbone One Death Stranding limited edition controller is available to pre-order later this month, along with a copy of the game.

Press art for Backone One Death Stranding controller with the controller and case on display

If you want to play Hideo Kojima’s post-apocalyptic adventure game on your iPhone 15 Pro Max, there’s no better way than with the newly announced Backbone One Death Stranding limited edition controller. Considering the complicated control mechanics of Kojima Productions’ critically acclaimed debut, it certainly beats trying to traverse the endless wastes using touch controls while carrying the weight of the world on your back.

The limited edition Backbone One Death Stranding controller is a joint effort between the game’s developer, Kojima Productions, and Backbone, with the logo for each company emblazoned on the spine of the device. The design features a translucent yellow casing on the front of the controller, like that of the infamous bridge baby pod protagonist Sam Bridges wears on his chest. It also looks pretty similar to the special edition PlayStation Dualshock controller that arrived alongside the original release of the game back in 2019, which also found its inspiration in the in-game artificial womb.

It’s worth pointing out that this isn’t a completely new mobile gaming controller from Backbone but rather a reimagining of the brand’s second-generation USB-C controller. You can use it with any iPhone 15 model, though the game is optimized for the flagship iPhone 15 Pro Max, or with any UCB-C Android. You also get a copy of the Director’s Cut version of the game with the pre-order, but you won’t be able to redeem that if you’re using an Android device.

You can pick up the Death Stranding Backbone One from 09:00 PST on January 30, the game’s iOS release date, by pre-ordering it directly from the Backbone online store for $124.99. As is the case with anything Kojima-related, you can bet that collectors will be all over this release, so be sure to save the date if you want to secure one of the controllers yourself.

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