Jennifer Hale issues statement on Bayonetta 3 controversy

Bayonetta 3’s Jennifer Hale issues a statement on the controversy that currently surrounds Platinum Games’ upcoming Nintendo Switch title

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It’s fair to say that Platinum Games is currently under a lot of fire, as more and more people react to the lowball offer it gave to Hellena Taylor to reprise her role as the Umbra Witch in Bayonetta 3 on Nintendo Switch, leading her to reject the part. The voice actress recently spoke out to explain that $4k is all Platinum offered, a sum that she, and many people, consider to be “insulting,” especially since she’s a huge reason why many love the iconic character.

After Taylor’s dismissal of the offer, Platinum didn’t opt to offer the VA a salary that matches her worth. Instead, Bayonetta 3’s Jennifer Hale has the role, and until recently, she was yet to speak out on the controversy. It’s worth noting that she’s one of the most respected voice actors out there, and is an avid advocate for people receiving the right amount of money for their talents.

Taking to Twitter, Hale issued a statement saying, “As a longtime member of the voice acting community, I support every actor’s right to be paid well and have advocated consistently for this for years. Anyone who knows me, or has followed my career, will know that I have great respect for my peers, and that I am an advocate for all members of the community.”

Hale continues, “I am under NDA and am not at liberty to speak regarding this situation. My reputation speaks for itself.”

Bayonetta 3 Jennifer Hale's official Twitter statement

From her statement and general character, we certainly think that Hale first found out about the treatment of Taylor at the same time as the rest of the world. Furthermore, the tone of her statement gives a strong indication that she doesn’t agree with it, but given that she’s under NDA, she can’t voice her opinion.

However, she does implore fans to still play the game, while Taylor asks for people to boycott it, and from Bayonetta 3 fan reactions, it’s fair to say that the community is split on the right course of action here. Should you decide you still want to get what’s sure to be an incredible game (if our Bayonetta 3 preview is anything to go by), check out our Bayonetta 3 pre-order guide.

No matter what, we certainly agree with Hale’s closing words, “I hope that everyone involved may resolve their differences in an amicable and respectful way.”