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Bayonetta, witch please don’t cover up

If the Bayonetta 3 naive angel mode reactions are anything to go by, people live in fear that they might not get to the tiddies thanks to an optional game mode

Bayonetta stood in the middle of the street winking and looking sexy

We finally have a Bayonetta 3 release date, the news dropped on Twitter yesterday, and we’re all for it at Pocket Tactics towers, as are a lot of eager fans worldwide, and you know what else some of them are keen for? That lovely nudity that the series is known for, so much so that some are in an uproar over the prospect of the witch putting the girls away, thanks to the Bayonetta 3 naive angel mode.

Yes, the Bayonetta 3 naive angel mode reaction is mixed to say the least, as if you dive into IGN’s comment section, one commenter, jutunjuttu, thinks that “naive angel mode is made for the snowflakes of Twitter, Kotaku, and Reseterra,” while shadowskill11 claims “they [Platinum Games] added a baby mode for cowards and conservatives.” Yeah, nothing to do with wanting to play the game in public or anything, buddy. Sure, we don’t intend to use the game mode but ya know, let the people do what they want.

One user, OmiYage, thinks that naive angel mode should mean that there’s a slightly more raunchy mode for you to enjoy “in your bedroom away from prying eyes.” Hey, what you do on your own time is your own business pal. In fact, they’re not alone as a fellow commenter, Spermtwo, thinks “a double platinum extra naughty angel mode” is the way to go – we assume this means extra tiddies.

Are there good Bayonetta naive angel mode reactions?

Well, if you take a walk away from IGN’s comment section to Reddit, you can find an entire thread that stands in support of the ‘in case your parents walk in mode’, which is nice to see since, you know, not everybody wants to be looking at the goods in front of prying eyes. In fact, the creator of the post makes a good point, as apple3s3tf says there’s “really nothing to complain about because it’s not mandatory.”

That’s an excellent point, but when there’s a fear that nudity is about to disappear, rationality kind of goes out the window. Nonetheless, there are some people that can see the benefit, including Redditor ForeverWinter1812, as they’re “absolutely about this option because [of] people around me.”

If we’re to put our two cents in, we don’t see the issue with the naive angel mode. Sure, we don’t intend to put the tiddies away, but there are some situations where people might have to. Just imagine playing the game on the train only for little Timmy to see. Now his mum needs to have an awkward conversation.

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