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The best sex games on Switch and mobile

Whether you’re looking to get down with some delicious dads, or you’re keen for the curves of the contintent, these are the best sex games on Switch and mobile

The Witcher with his toes out for our sex games list

For almost as long as there has been video games, there has been sex games. From the admittedly creepy Leisure Sweet Larry, to the eroge explosion of recent years, in this day and age you’re guaranteed to find something that floats your boat, tickles your fancy, and, well, get’s the job done.

We’ve put together a list of the best sex games available on mobile and Switch, so you can get right down to it. It goes without saying that all of these experiences are 18+, so get out of here now if you’re not. If you’re old enough, then strap in, or strap on, for a list full of tantalizing titles brimming with boobs, booty, and, opportunities to bump uglies. 

If you get through this list and still can’t get no satisfaction, fear not, for more raunch, take a look at our otome games list, for more romance, see our picks for the best dating games on Switch and mobile. Or if you’re looking for something more casual, but not in that sense, see our picks for the best mobile casual games to trade the penis for puzzles.

The best sex games

The Witcher 3 – Switch 

It’s common fare for a ye olde-style RPG to be teeming with raunchy moments, but The Witcher 3 is infamous for its soft-porn scenes starring Geralt himself. While admittedly the Witcher’s libido isn’t active enough for sex to be a constant from town to town, when Geralt does get his pasty ass around to it, there’s a good bit of suggestion in his fireside frolicking, and the nudity doesn’t hurt either.   

Dream Daddy – Switch and mobile

If you’re down for a bit of dad-on-dad action, then Dream Daddy is the one for you. Playing as a single father in a new town, you’re surrounded by smokin’ hot dilfs who are up for a good flirt, and even more, if you play your cards right. While it’s not quite as graphic as some of the other titles on this list, there’s certainly enough here to let your imagination run wild, and isn’t that what it’s all about? 

Cover art for Nu Carnival, one of the more graphic otome sex games

Nu: Carnival – mobile 

While Dream Daddy lets your imagination do most of the work, Nu: Carnival is a good bit more graphic, with dicks, dildos, and double Ds galore. Described as a “social simulation RPG”, the real draw of this title is all the Nu Carnival characters you can get down and dirty with, each of which with their own kinks, from the bondage baddie Morvay, to the devious dom Dante. If this sounds right up your alley, see our Nu Carnival download guide to get started. 

The Future You’ve Been Dreaming Of – Switch 

With most of the titles covered so far being hands-on, in essentially every way possible, The Future You’ve Been Dreaming Of takes a step back as a voyeur simulator. Effectively, this means you just look on, and watch as the human you’re tasked with “watching over” exercises with what is tastefully referred to as a massage machine. The results of the massage machine being used are not quite as tasteful, but that’s exactly what you’re here for. 

Crawlco Block Knockers – Switch 

Do you know what I think when I play a puzzle game like Candy Crush? I think “wouldn’t this be better if every round I got to see a big ol’ pair of cartoon tiddies”. Or, at least I used to before I found Crawlco Block Knockers. This chest-obsessed match-three is exactly what it sounds like, with you moving blocks around to match them up, before the explosion leaves you with a peek at the boobage hidden behind the shapes. It doesn’t break many boundaries, but if you want to put in work to see some good old-fashioned nudity, there’s few better. 

Episode Choose Your Story ad, one of the biggest sex games on mobile

Episode: Choose Your Story – mobile  

With over 100k stories packed with love, lust, and just about everything else you could ask for, Episode is one of the biggest sex games you can download on mobile. Thanks to an active community writing out their fantasies in exciting and explicit narratives, you don’t even have to bother committing yourself to writing your own episode, simply just log-in, and find something that tantalizes your tinglebuds.   

Leisure Suite Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Die – Switch 

God’s gift to women and lonely men of the 1990’s, Leisure Suite Larry is a classic of the sex games genre, now reimagined for the 21st century in Wet Dreams Don’t Die. While Larry has had to have something of a personality makeover, with his previous incarnations being a little too raunchy even for those looking for it, the sex god himself has to traverse the modern dating game, leading him to make accounts on Timber and Instacrap, with surprisingly successful results. Good for you, Larry. 

Key art for Horny Arcana, the raunchiest of our sex games picks

Horny Arcana – mobile 

An eroge game right out of EroLabs, a developer well-known for its explicit ideas, Horny Arcana is a battle sim brimming with boobs, and is the least subtle on this list by quite some distance. If you want hentai-inspired sex scenes with the occasional RPG quest to change the pace, Horny Arcana delivers in droves, and the tainted girls who battle for you always aim to please. 

There you have it, that’s the climax of our sex games list, ready for you to find your own. If you tire of enticing adventures, why not take yourself back to nature with our picks for the best exploration games on Switch and mobile (not that kind of exploration, unfortunately).