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The best mobile keyboards 2024

Standard mobile keyboards can be super fiddly, but there are some great options for all you writers out there to get your magnum opus done comfortably

A hand holding one of the best mobile keyboards

Typing on your phone can be a nightmare. Especially if you’ve got smaller hands, these things just aren’t the best place to get writing done. Sure, autocorrect can be kinda helpful, but it only goes so far. The number of times it’s made me write the word ‘ducking’ when I’m actually miffed is too many. But aside from autocorrect stopping me from being foul-mouthed, mobile keyboards can be vital to any writer who has a spot of inspiration on the go.

Whether you’re working on a grand three-part novel and have found the perfect bit of dialogue to explain a character’s motivations, or you just want to get a review done that you really should’ve been sorting earlier, our list of the best mobile keyboards has plenty of options for you, both virtual and physical. And, if you want to team it up with top-notch tech, check out our lists of the best Android phone for games and the best phone cases.

These are the best mobile keyboards available today:

A screenshot of one of the best mobile keyboards

1. Swiftkey

If you’ve already got a big phone, but want the best virtual keyboard possible, there are a few different options. Microsoft’s Swiftkey virtual keyboard app is an excellent, simple, virtual keyboard, with solid autocorrect, but an even better predictive system, working out the words you want to use. It’s considered by some to be the best virtual keyboard there is, but we’ve also got some more zany picks down below if you want something unique.

2. Logitech K380

Before we get to more virtual keyboards, how about a real one? Logitech Bluetooth keyboards are super easy to recommend, and even though I’m recommending the K380 here, you can’t really go wrong with any of them, so have a look for something that fits your price range and needs and then give it a go. The K380 is great because it’s really good value, has a great typing feel, and is easy to use across multiple devices. And it’s really pretty, too.

One of the best mobile keyboards

3. Chrooma

Back to the virtual world with Chrooma, this is a keyboard that’s perfect for gamers thanks to its RBG systems. With AI for prediction, emoji and GIFs built-in, and lots of other features you expect from most keyboards, Chrooma also has a party piece – it changes color depending on the app you’re using. So if you want WhatsApp green to coat your whole device, this is the keyboard for you.

4. Arteck HB066

A super small and portable option, the Arteck HB066 is a folding keyboard for people tight on space. If portability is key for you, this is a great choice, making it easy to get set up in a coffee shop and get working on your novel, as you can just fit it in a coat pocket and be on your way. Be warned, though, it really is tiny, so may not be the best for large hand-havers.

One of the best mobile keyboards, Fleksy

5. Fleksy

Fleksy is another top-of-the-line virtual keyboard, with over 80 languages, loads of customization options for color, font, and sounds, as well as a whole host of other key features that make it stand out from the crowd. It’s completely proprietary and has a focus on security that some other keyboards have failed to compete with in the past.

6. Plugable

The Plugable Bluetooth keyboard is a decent size, folds up to make it extra portable, and has a case that doubles as a stand. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of portable keyboards, making sure not to downsize too dramatically in the name of portability. And, thanks to the stand, it makes working anywhere a breeze without having to worry about your phone falling over.

Three screenshots of one of the best mobile keyboards

7. Grammarly keyboard – virtual

For those who like their words to be immaculate, Grammarly is a browser extension that has come in handy multiple times. Grammarly keyboard is a good way to integrate that into everything you do, so now even your texts can be perfectly grammatically correct. It may not have mind-blowing features elsewhere, but it is a powerful tool to ensure your writing is up to snuff.

8. Keychron K3

The Keychron K3 is a super-tiny mechanical keyboard, perfect for anyone who loves a good clack. It’s still bigger than most of the other Bluetooth keyboards on this list, but the fact that you can get a mechanical keyboard in such a tiny package is very impressive. Oh, and it’s also absolutely gorgeous, coming with an optional RGB backlight to make playing games on the go always feel like a desktop experience.

That’s all the mobile keyboards you’re getting for now. Check out our guide to the best gaming phones and rugged smartphones for more.