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The best mobile sports manager games

Why get hot and bothered when you can just play the best mobile sports manager games? Whether it's basketball, football, cricket, or golf, we've got you covered

There really is no better time to check out the best mobile sports manager games on offer. Better still, armchair sports fans can chill out and enjoy this cerebral selection of sporting simulations without even having to break a sweat, while fans of racing won’t have to take to the track to get their adrenaline fix.

Because why exert actual effort when you can still reap the glory? Whether you’re on iOS or Android, a soccer sympathizer, or a motorsport maniac, our guide to the best mobile sports manager games will give you the thrill of the game, minus the effort.

Here are the best mobile sports manager games.

Football Manager Mobile

Football Manager Mobile allows you to create the perfect squad and tactical setup whenever and wherever you want. With more than 60 leagues from 24 nations, you can choose to venture overseas or try to find success with a homegrown team.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

This series scores an easy pole position in the motorsport management genre, and the latest instalment is the best-looking and most feature-rich yet. For a sports game on mobile devices, it is achingly beautiful; especially the diorama-like, idyllic race tracks. But the game also has lots of substance as well as style, with plenty to keep you busy as the principal of a motorsport team: recruiting drivers, developing the best cars, and investing in your facilities. Once the action switches to the track during races, you’ll still have plenty of decisions to make in terms of strategy, car set-up, and tyres.

Cricket Captain

This series has been around on mobile devices for several years, but without much fanfare, despite being well-received by players. Perhaps cricket is more of a niche than other sports, particularly among European or American gamers. But this is a must-buy if you are fan of hearing leather against willow.

Cricket management is a very narrow genre, but this game is unrivalled with its deep, accurate, and comprehensive simulation. Very much the Football Manager of cricket with its attention to detail, this game is packed with features, stats, and tactical options that should keep virtual captains happy for many hours.

Football Chairman Pro

Not so much Championship Manager as Chair-manship Manager. This simple but satisfying simulation puts you at the head of the table in the boardroom, rather than in the manager’s office or the dugout. Instead of going to the chairman asking for extra funds or more time to build your squad, you are the chairman who makes the decision on hiring and firing of your club’s manager. If you get that decision right, along with sponsorship deals, stadium development, transfers, contracts, and more, you’ll be able to turn your little non-league football team into a major force.

It’s a more basic, quick-playing game than, say, Football Manager but its fast pace allows you to whizz through seasons in minutes and hours rather than days and months, making it great for short sessions on the commute.

Baseball Highlights 2045

As its name suggests this clever card came condenses baseball down into short, bite-sized, ten-minute matches. If you are looking for realism then I suggest you move on, as this futuristic take on America’s favourite sport has a player roster that includes robotic and cybernetic players. A game generally consists of each side only playing a total six cards, but it still manages to pack in a lot of tough decisions and tension. On your way to the World Series you get to draft new players into your hand, which gives the whole experience a pleasing bubble-gum card-collecting nostalgia.

Punch Club

This may not be a sports sim in the strictest sense of the term, but if you are interested in a boxing-themed game with lashings of 1980’s nostalgia, then Punch Club rings all the right bells. You embark on a Rocky-style quest of vengeance by setting up fights, whilst juggling your work and social life. It is a game that takes plenty of its graphical sensibilities from the 1980s, and is tougher than Apollo Creed. This means that you will be doing more grinding than a dirty dancing barista. However, it’s still a fine game that’s well worth checking out.

New Star Cricket

This game is a cricketing-themed follow-up to New Star Football that is perfect for those who prefer grassy pitches and wickets. You begin your career with a lowly club in your favourite cricketing nation, and each season you compete in both 20-over and 50-over competitions. Perform well and famous clubs will be queuing for your signature; you may even get an international call-up.

The game does not stray too far from the winning formula of its forebear, as a series of mini-games that enable you to improve your skills and have an impact on matches at key points. The gameplay is as satisfying in bite-sized spells, as it is in marathon sessions, which makes this an ideal mobile game.

Retro Bowl

Though more active and down in the dirt than many of its management-based peers, Retro Bowl is still an excellent little sports game. With wonderfully simple play and a great 8-bit style, you’d be remiss not to play it. Be sure to check out our Retro Bowl review if you want more info!

Soccer Manager

This football-management game is the most recent instalment in the Soccer Manager series, and sees you head up a club, controlling every aspect of its development. Whether it’s developing your squad and facilities, or planning training sessions to keep your players on their toes, you have a hand in everything.

Retro Basketball Coach

Retro Basketball Coach is a simple management game that allows you to trade players and coach a team in order to claim the championship title. The retro visuals set this title apart from other sports management games, and the huge roster of teams and players allows you to create your dream all-star set up. Retro Basketball Coach is worth checking out if you’re looking for a unique basketball management game.

AEW promotional image, showing the logo surrounded by fighers

AEW Elite General Manager

AEW Elite General Manager is the official online management simulator for All Elite Wrestling. Prove that you have what it takes to be the best manager around as you sign a roster of wrestlers, pick your lineup, and simulate results. Watch your choices impact your income, fans, and the wrestlers’ morale and stamina. With a unique art style, plenty of fun moves and challenges, and a tonne of customisable options, this is a great title for any wrestling fan!

Astonishing baseball logo over a field with a baseball

Astonishing Baseball

Astonishing Baseball offers up your daily dose of baseball management on the go, completely for free, with no ads. Become the manager of a star-studded sports team and lead your team to the ultimate reward of the baseball cup. Describing itself as a narrative, roguelike sports game, Astonishing Baseball focuses on more than your usual tables full of players and stats – it’s your own success story.

Best mobile sports management games leather tactical boxing

LEATHER: Tactical Boxing Management

Leather: Tactical Boxing Management is a fun romp through the boxing world, as you take the role of a rookie boxing manager with something to prove. Recruit promising amateurs, professionals, or veterans as you challenge opponents and train your fighters up. Challenge yourself to show off the best strategy and tactics, as you work your way up to winning the world championship belt.

And that’s all the games we have! If you want other games to play, then be sure to see our lists of the best Android games, and best iOS games.