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Binary Gods is a stylish action game from Deemo developer Rayark

Binary Gods could be coming to iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch

Binary Gods protagonist close up

Deemo developer Rayark has now revealed a concept video for its latest game, a stylish action title by the name of Binary Gods. It casts you as a robot-slaying cyborg faced with taking on deadly foes with names like ‘Ravenous Devourer’. Goodness me.

With it being a concept video, it’s unlikely that what we’re seeing is entirely reflective of how the final product will play, though there’s already a lot to be excited about with this one. For starters, Rayark’s mastery of the rhythm genre will seemingly come into play here, with Binary Gods’ action being all about spectacle and smart timing.

And while Rayark is yet to reveal which platforms it’s heading to, the noticeable on-screen buttons and team’s history as a mobile developer suggest that we’ll be seeing Binary Gods hit iOS and Android at some point in the future. A Nintendo Switch version could also be a possibility. After all, the team is no stranger to the platform.

This isn’t the only game in development at Rayark, with the hotly anticipated Deemo 2 currently up for pre-registration over on Google Play. This stylish sequel to popular free-to-play rhythm game Deemo was first announced last May with a gorgeous concept video of its own. The Deemo 2 release date is still unknown.

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