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Play rock, paper, scissors in Black Desert Mobile’s Halloween events

Spooky season has landed in the MMO and there's a number of Black Desert Mobile Halloween events for you to enjoy

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Spooky season is officially underway in Black Desert Mobile, with a number of Halloween events now available. However, there’s a more permanent change to the game, too, with the introduction of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution. The new technology provides you with an enhanced gameplay experience through increasing frame rates in-game.

As for the specific Black Desert Mobile Halloween events, you can play rock, paper, scissors against the Black Spirit. Should you win, you get rewards, and the more times you claim victory, the better your prizes become. Such goodies include an abyssal weapon chest, adventurer’s ancient inscribed glyph, and an adventurer’s dimensional crystal chest – all offering items that are sure to help on any adventure.

Besides making hand gestures at a spirit, you can take on various monsters in a range of locations. If you defeat them, you receive ghost dolls, which you can exchange for Halloween-themed decorations, barding, and other goodies such as the adventurer’s abyssal accessory set, vampire’s bed, x-large stamina potion, and adventurer’s abyssal relic chest.

Furthermore, simply for logging into the game, you can get your hands on a ghost doll, 300 black pearls, and a tier six pet.

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When do the Black Desert Mobile Halloween events begin?

They’re already taking place, just jump in and reap the rewards.

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