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Grab some goodies in the Blue Archive Countdown Start event

The Blue Archive Countdown Start event is here, and it gives you the chance to grab plenty of pyroxene, so dive back in and celebrate

Anime girls just vibing

We love a good in-game event, especially ones like Blue Archive Countdown Start, as it’s to celebrate the anime RPG’s half-year anniversary – where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday that the game hit mobile devices. Luckily for all you players out there, the celebration is full of lovely rewards for you to enjoy.

Firstly, the Blue Archive Countdown Start event introduces bunny chasers on board illustration cards, and each time you open the Bunny Girl Guard, Asuna (Bunny), and Neru (Bunny) cards, you receive 155 pyroxene, and a further 1,200 pyroxene when you open all of the cards. It’s great when an event makes claiming rewards this easy.

Furthermore, to celebrate Blue Archive taking third place in the popular mobile games category at the Game and Animation Awards, a Blue Archive Bahamut Celebration Event is taking place, and it rewards you with 600 pyroxenes and 120 AP daily. Who would have thought that a mobile RPG about schoolgirls navigating romance, clubs, and academic events could be so popular?

When does the Blue Archive Countdown Start event begin?

The Blue Archive half-year anniversary celebration is already underway, and it runs until May 3 – make sure you take part to line your pockets with pyroxene.

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