Blue Archive tier list and reroll guide – every character ranked by class

Become the best advisor and snag the greatest team in the Federal Investigation Club, with help from our Blue Archive tier list and reroll guide

Blue Archive tier list; three blue archive characters

If you’re looking for a fresh strategy RPG experience full of cute anime girls, Blue Archive may just be the place for you. Combining the trials of youth with the thrill of the military through 3D battles and exciting stories, Blue Archive puts you in the role of advisor to the huge academy city, the Federal Investigation Club. Your task? To help guide the girls through their hectic lives as they find love, and dive into school clubs and academic events.

Of course, like all gacha games, you’ll likely want to consult with a Blue Archive tier list along the way, especially if you want to get the best lineup. Well, don’t worry – we’re here to help. We’ve ranked all of the Blue Archive characters by role, including attackers, tanks, supports, and healers, so you can form the strongest team around. We’ve also included a handy Blue Archive reroll guide to make sure you get the picks you want.

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Blue Archive tier list

Blue Archive tier list attackers; three attacker characters

Blue Archive attacker tier list

Tier Blue Archive character
S Iori, Hibiki, Haruna, Nonomi, Shun, Hina, Aru, Karin
A Shiroko, Midori, Akari, Momoi, Chise, Junko, Izuna, Saya, Serika, Fina, Maki
B Hasumi, Tsurugi, Neru, Sumire, Izumi
C Mashiro, Mutsuki, Utaha
D Yoshimi, Asuna

Blue archive tier list healers; three healers

Blue Archive healer tier list

Tier Blue Archive Character
S Hanae, Serika
B Chinatsu, Fuuka, Ayane, Hanako

Blue Archive tier list support; three support characters

Blue Archive support tier list

Tier Blue Archive Character
S Kotama
A Hifumi, Akame
B Kirino, Kotori
C Shizuko
D Shimiko, Kayoko, Hare, Juri, Suzumi, Airi

Blue Archive tier list tanks; three tank heroes

Blue Archive tank tier list

Tier Blue Archive character
S Tsubaki
A Hoshino, Haruka, Yuuka
B Eimi

Blue Archive Reroll guide

If you want to make sure you get the best characters, you can always perform a Blue Archive reroll. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Launch Blue Archive and log in with a guest account
  • Play through the tutorial to get your free summons
  • Complete the first mission
  • Claim the rewards through your mailbox
  • Spend your free currency on the gacha banners to summon characters

If you’re happy with your pulls, continue the game as normal! If not, the do the following:

  • Tap the menu button in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Click account
  • Hit ‘reset’
  • Type in ‘Blue Archive’

Then repeat the steps until you get who you want. Simple!

And that’s all we’ve got for our Blue Archive tier list. If you’re looking for more gacha fun, head over to our list of the best gacha games to find something new to play.

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