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Blue Archive tier list and reroll guide July 2024

With help from our comprehensive Blue Archive tier list and reroll guide you can snag the greatest team in the Federal Investigation Club.

Screenshot of Blue Archive girl character looking straight ahead for Blue Archive tier list

If you’re looking for a Blue Archive tier list to find out the strongest characters in this gacha game, you’re in luck. We’ve ranked all the characters from every class so you can identify who to aim for when pulling. If you don’t get who you’re aiming for, we’ve also got a Blue Archive reroll guide further down the page to help you try again.

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Blue Archive tier list

We’ve split our Blue Archive tier list into the four in-game classes: attackers, healers, supporters, and tanks. This way, you can skip right to whichever class most suits your style of play and figure out who to aim for first. If you miss out, keep on scrolling for our reroll guide.

Blue Archive tier list attackers; three attacker characters

Blue Archive attacker tier list

Tier Blue Archive character
S Iori, Mutsuki (new year), Haruna, Cherino, Hina (swimsuit), Hibiki, Chise (swimsuit), Mika
A Aru, Haruna (new year), Mutsuki, Aris, Momoi, Midori, Karin (bunny), Hina, Junko, Tsuguri (swimsuit), Iori (swimsuit), Aru (new year), Michiru, Shiroko (swimsuit), Miyu (swimsuit), Nagisa, Karin, Kazusa, Izuna (swimsuit), Azusa (swimsuit), Shun
B Serika, Azusa, Chise, Shiroko (cycling), Sumire, Maki, Akari, Hinata, Mashiro (swimsuit), Yuzu (maid), Moe, Toki (bunny girl), Utaha, Kanna, Saki, Nonomi, Shiroko, Megu, Izuna, Wakamo, Arisu (maid), Koyuki, Sakurano, Junko (new year), Hasumi (sportswear), Nonomi (swimsuit), Arisu, Shigure, Toki, Yuzu
C Minori, Neru, Tsurugi, Shun (kid), Pina, Izumi, Asuna, Hasumi, Saya (casual), Mashiro, Saya, Yoshimi, Chihiro, Hibiki (cheerleader), Utaha (cheerleader), Wakamo (swimsuit), Saori, Kaho

Blue archive tier list healers; three healers

Blue Archive healer tier list

Tier Blue Archive Character
S Koharu, Serina
A Nodoka (hot spring)
B Hanako, Hanae, Fuuka
C Ayane, Chinatsu

Blue Archive tier list support; three support characters

Blue Archive support tier list

Tier Blue Archive Character
S Hoshino (swimsuit), Fuuka (new year), Himari
A Ui, Sena, Kayako (new year), Serika (new year), Kotama, Aru (dress)
B Akane, Hifumi, Izumi (swimsuit), Asuna (bunny), Miyu, Ako, Iroha, Saki (swimsuit), Noa, Eimi (swimsuit)
C Tomoe, Mimori, Chinatsu (hot spring), Suzumi, Kirino, Kayoko, Kotori, Hifumi (summer), Cherino (hot spring), Kaede, Hare, Shizuko, Nodoka, Airi, Marie, Hatsune Miku, Juri, Shimiko, Mina, Serina (christmas), Chise (swimsuit), Miyu

Blue Archive tier list tanks; three tank heroes

Blue Archive tank tier list

Tier Blue Archive character
S Tsubaki, Neru (bunny), Hoshino
A Atsuko, Marina, Yuuka, Yuuka (sportswear)
B Eimi, Haruka, Natsu, Miyako, Miyako (swimsuit), Reisa, Mine, Neru (bunny girl)

Blue Archive Reroll guide

If you’ve had no luck getting some S-tier characters, don’t uninstall the game just yet. With the steps below, you can reroll and aim for better luck the second time around. Or, if that fails, the third, fourth, and fifth time around. Sure, it’s not the most fun in the world, but it’s worth it for the game’s best units.

  1. Launch Blue Archive and log in with a guest account
  2. Play through the tutorial to get your free summons
  3. Complete the first mission
  4. Claim the rewards through your mailbox
  5. Spend your free currency on the gacha banners to summon characters

If you’re happy with your pulls, continue the game as normal! If not, then do the following:

  1. Tap the menu button in the top-right corner of the screen
  2. Click account
  3. Hit ‘reset’
  4. Type in ‘Blue Archive’

Then repeat the steps until you get who you want. Simple!

How do I get more Blue Archive characters?

To unlock more Blue Archive characters from our tier list, you’re going to have to spend your hard-earned – or bought – Pyroxene. Each pull costs 120 Pyroxene, or you can spend 1,200 in one fell swoop for ten simultaneous pulls.

While you can earn Pyroxene in-game, if you want to pull for new units frequently you may have to indulge in microtransactions to add new students to your team. Which way you go is up to you.

There you have it, our Blue Archive tier list and reroll guide. If you’re looking for something a little more casual, get off to a solid start thanks to some freebies with our Squad Busters codes, free Monopoly Go dice, and Coin Master free spins guides.